COSC 122 Lab Assignments

COSC 122 Lab Assignments
Dr. Abdallah Mohamed

Lab attendance is strongly encouraged. The best part of the course will be experimenting with the lecture ideas on the computers in the labs.

In each lab there is an assignment that is due before the following the lab unless otherwise indicated.

For programming assignments you must follow good programming practice including commenting your code. All assignments are submitted using Canvas.


Lab 1: Using Microsoft Windows and Internet Applications
Lab 2: Drawing Graphics and Manipulating Images
Lab 3: HTML - Building your own web page
Lab 4: Word Processing using Microsoft Word (Office 2013)
Lab 5: Presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint (Office 2013)
Lab 6: JavaScript - Basics
Answers: Solution for Q1, Solution for Q2, Bonus solution for Q2
Lab 7: JavaScript - Iteration
Answers: Solution for Q1, Solution for Q2, Solution for Q3
Lab 8: JavaScript - Events, Functions
Answer: Solution
Lab 9: Spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel (Office 2013)
Answers: Lab 9 Excel Answer File
Lab 10: Databases using Microsoft Access (Office 2013)
Answers: Lab 10 Access Answer File
OPTIONAL BONUS Lab: Being Creative with HTML/JavaScript

Firefox Development Tools Tutorial

Programming Practice Questions

Practice Database SQL Questions

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