Term 1

BIOL 231: Health Science I

Overview of basic health science including the interrelationships among pathobiology, immunology,
microbiology, and pharmacology. Topics covered are coordinated with topics covered in NRSG courses but
may be of interest to other students.

Mon 13:30 - 16:30 Toom: SSC 026
Term 2

BIOL 122: Physiology of Multicellular Organisms

Physiological adaptations of plants and animals to their environments. Structure/function relationships of
human organ systems. Recommended for Arts or Education students, in conjunction with BIOL 117. BIOL
117/122 cannot be used in place of BIOL 116/125 for those degree programs that require BIOL 116/125.
Credit will not be granted for both BIOL 117/122 and BIOL 116/125. OUC equivalent: BIOL 122.

Tue Thu 8:00 - 9:30 Room: SCI 337