Bob Lalonde's Web Page

I am an Associate Professor in the Unit of Biology  at UBCO.

BSc (1979)     - Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario

MSc (1983)    - Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario

PhD (1991)    - Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC


My teaching has covered a lot of ground over the years (Vascular Plants, Intro Biology, Invertebrate Biology, Intro Ecology, Animal Ecology, Entomology, Evolutionary Ecology, Behavioural Ecology). This year, I am teaching Population Biology and Animal Ecology in the Fall and Evolution and Ecology in the winter (2015-2016).

Selected Publications

Catton, H. A., R. G. Lalonde, Y. M. Buckley, and R. A. De Clerck-Floate. 2016. Biocontrol insect impacts population growth of its target plant species but not an incidentally used nontarget. Ecosphere 7(5):e01280. 10.1002/ecs2.1280

Lachowsky,L.E.,  Lalonde, R.G.  and Reid, M.L. 2015. Can Wolbachia explain female-biased sex ratios in mountain pine beetles?  The Canadian Entomologist 147: 732-746

Catton, H.A., Lalonde, R.G., and De Clerck-Floate, R.A. 2015. Nontarget herbivory by a weed biocontrol insect is limited to spillover, reducing the chance of population-level impacts. Ecological Applications 25: 517-530.

Catton, H.A., Lalonde, R.G., and De Clerck-Floate, R.A. 2014. Differential host-finding abilities by a weed biocontrol insect create within-patch spatial refuges for nontarget plants. Environmental Entomology 43: 1332-1344.

Moffat, C.E., Lalonde, R.G., Ensing, D.J., De Clerck-Floate, R.A., Grosskopf-Lachat, G., Pither, J. 2013. Frequency-dependent host species use by a candidate biological control insect within its native European range. Biological Control 67: 498-508

Bannerman, J.A., Shorthouse, J.D., Pither, J. and R.G. Lalonde. 2012. Variability in the parasitoid community associated with galls of Diplolepis variabilis (Hymenoptera:Cynipidae): A test of the distance decay hypothesis. The Canadian Entomologist 144: 635-644

Lalonde, R.G. and B.D. Roitberg. 2006. Chaotic dynamics can select for long-term dormancy. The American Naturalist 168: 127-131 (pdf)

Shorthouse, J.D., J.J. Leggo, M.D. Sliva and R.G. Lalonde. 2005. Egg location and its influence on the radiation of Diplolepis (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae) gall wasps on wild roses. Basic and Applied Ecology 6: 423-434 (pdf)

Lalonde, R.G. 2005. Egg size variation does not affect offspring performance under intraspecific competition in Nasonia vitripennis, a gregarious parasitoid. Journal of Animal Ecology 74: 630-635 (pdf)

Lalonde, R.G. 2004. Some dynamical consequences of parasitoid diapause. Oikos 107: 338-344 (pdf)

Lalonde, R.G. and J. D. Shorthouse. 2000. Using rose galls for field exercises in community ecology and island biogeography. American Biology Teacher 62: 436-441 (pdf)

Hoffmeister, T., Roitberg, B. and Lalonde, R. 2000. Catching Ariadne by her thread: how a parasitoid exploits the herbivore's marking trails to locate its host. Ent. exp Appl. 95: 77-85 (pdf)

Lalonde, R.G., R.R. McGregor, D.R. Gillespie, B.D. Roitberg. 1999. Plant-feeding by arthropod predators contributes to the stability of predator-prey dynamics. Oikos 87: 603-608 (pdf)

This page was last updated February 2016
by Bob Lalonde. All photographs are my own work.


I am currently pursuing a number of projects. Modeling with Bernie Roitberg the population-level consequences of dormancy at the community level. 

I have an MSc student, co-supervised with Howard Thistlewood, looking at spatial and temporal patterns of spotted wing Drosophila infestations in cherries.

Finally (with a number of honours students) I am looking at distribution of Wolbachia infestations in Diplolepis variabilis up and down the valley.

Other Stuff

Along with Blythe Nilson and Ian Walker, I have been contributing to the “Campus Birds” calendar for a number of years now. It partially validates some of the time I spend outside with the telephoto.

I also supply some pictures to Nancy Holmes for her “Pollinator Pasture” project. This is useful because it validates the time I spend outside with the macro lens!