• Outreach Resources:
  • What I love about teaching:

    • I share with students the difficulties I once had as a student
    • I motivate students to work harder than they ever thought they could
    • I make students realize they can accomplish anything they put their mind to
      (Check out these awesome student accomplishments!!)
    • I listen to students to find out what strategies work well for them
    • I help students figure out what they want out of their education

    Recommended books on interesting Computer Science (mostly AI :) topics

    What I love about research:

    • I engage students in hands-on projects and experiential learning
    • I support students in exploring their career paths
    • I collaborate with interdisciplinary researchers and motivated students
    • I get to promote all the amazing student achievements
    • I learn all sorts of cool stuff from my students

    List of publications and talks
    List of current projects

    Featured Projects

    Learning Analytics Automated Feedback Team Analytics Computational Thinking
    • data analytics
    • student performance patterns
    • course design diagnostics
    • personalized learning paths
    • reinforcement learning
    • recommendation systems
    • code metrics
    • erroroneous code patterns
    • semi-supervised learning
    • clustering
    • intelligent tutoring system
    • formative feedback
    • task assignment, group formation, coalitions
    • team and individual attributes
    • preferences, stability, productivity
    • social media data
    • performance prediction
    • reinforcement learning
    • computational thinking skills for young children
    • unplugged coding activities
    • roadmap of coding skills
    • public school outreach
    • engaging pre-K and kindergarten students

    Mobile Game Dev Java GUI Game Dev Edutainment Design Intelligent Tutoring Systems
    • mobile app development
    • Corona SDK/Lua
    • game genre and storyboarding
    • analytics
    • introductory programming
    • design space exploration
    • personalized learning
    • motivation and engagement
    • canonical game structure
    • cognitive skills taxonomy
    • children games design
    • language learning games
    • probabilistic user modeling
    • example tracing
    • pedagogical strategies
    • Physics education

    Concept Navigator Digital Citizenship Software Customization Work Smart Monitoring
    • online course-ware
    • individualized learning paths
    • self-regulated learning
    • relevance perception
    • digital youth culture
    • youth employment opportunities
    • flexible learning & flipped classroom
    • educational strategy assessment
    • decision making under uncertainty
    • probabilistic user modeling
    • interaction cost models
    • experiment design
    • decision making under uncertainty
    • Kinect camera with stride modeling
    • webpage content analysis
    • cost and benefits of interruption

    Chat Agent Document Concept Extraction Verb Sense Clustering Phonological Rules
    • natural language processing
    • discourse planning
    • mixed initiative
    • personality variables
    • conceptual modeling
    • information extraction
    • document visualization
    • heuristic evaluation for NLP
    • verb semantics
    • psycholinguistic groupings
    • clustering algorithm
    • machine translation
    • L2 acquisition
    • phonological development
    • Cantonese ESL learners
    • longitudinal changes