COSC 121: Computer Programming II

Course Information

Instructor: Bowen Hui
Class Meeting Time: T/Th 11:00AM - 12:30PM
Classroom: ART 103
Office Hours: T 12:30PM - 2:30PM, and by appointment, in SCI 257
Contact Information:

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Course Overview

Official Calendar Description: Advanced programming in the application of software engineering techniques to the design and implementation of programs manipulating complex data structures (3,2,0).

Specific Description: The goal of this course is to give students the opportunity to build on skills developed in COSC 111, reinforcing basic programming structures and the syntax of the Java programming language. Learners will become comfortable with Object Oriented programming (OOP) design and implementation. Students will gain experience with inheritance, interfaces, polymorphism, lists and other data structures, recursion, sorting algorithms, and tree traversal. Programming and written exercises are done individually. Students completing this course will have a solid foundation of OOP fundamentals and structure, Java syntax, lists and other data structures, sorting algorithms.

Prerequisites: A score of 60% of higher in COSC 111.

Co-requisite: None

Please note that students who lack the prerequisites should not be registered for this course and will receive a failing grade if they remain in it. Any exceptions must be brought to the attention of the professor immediately.

Evaluation Criteria

Grading: Total 100% Late Policy: Labs and assignments are due on the posted dates at the specified time. Submissions are to be made electronically, unless otherwise specified. No late assignments or labs will be accepted without a medical note.

Missed Midterms: If the student misses a midterm without a medical note, the mark received will be zero. If a medical note is provided to the instructor, then the midterm portion of the grade will be combined with the other midterm and the final exam marks, so that all the exams are still worth 60% of the grade.

Missed Final Exam: If the student misses the final exam without a medical note that is acceptable by the Dean's Office, the mark received is zero. If a medical note is provided, alternate arrangement for a make-up final exam is to be arranged with the permission of the Dean's Office.

Passing criteria:

Failure to do so for either clause will result in a maximum of 45% grade.


How to Communicate with Your TAs and Instructor

Academic Integrity

The academic enterprise is founded on honesty, civility, and integrity. As members of this enterprise, all students are expected to know, understand, and follow the codes of conduct regarding academic integrity. At the most basic level, this means submitting only original work done by you and acknowledging all sources of information or ideas and attributing them to others as required. This also means you should not cheat, copy, or mislead others about what is your work. Violations of academic integrity (i.e., misconduct) lead to the breakdown of the academic enterprise, and therefore serious consequences arise and harsh sanctions are imposed. For example, incidences of plagiarism or cheating usually result in a failing grade or mark of zero on the assignment or in the course. Careful records are kept to monitor and prevent recidivism. A more detailed description of academic integrity, including the policies and procedures, may be found at,54,111,959. If you have any questions about how academic integrity applies to this course, consult with the instructor.

Disability Assistance

If you require disability-related accommodations to meet the course objectives, please contact the Coordinator of Disability Resources located in the Student Development and Advising area of the student services building. For more information about Disability Resources or academic accommodations, please visit the website at this page.

Important Dates