COSC 310: Software Engineering


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Textbook and Additional Resources

Evaluation Criteria

Late Penalty

Late assignments and project deliverables will be marked at -1% of the course grade (not the assignment grade) for each day it is late, to a max of -5% at which point, no submission will be accepted.

Presentations cannot be late, so anyone who is scheduled to do a presentation but fails to show up at the scheduled time will receive a mark of 0.

Missed Exams

Missed exams will receive a mark of 0 unless a medical note is provided. Students MUST achieve a passing grade on all three course components in order to pass the course. Failure to do so will result in a 45% grade, or the resulting grade, whichever is lower.

Important Dates

Tentative Schedule

Week Date Topics Readings Deadlines Labs
1 01/07 Course Overview (slides) No labs
01/10 Understanding Individuals (slides) and MBTI (careers) Ch 22.2-22.3
2 01/14 Working in Teams (slides) Peer evaluation, 2, 3, 4, 5 Poster and supplies and A1 support
01/17 A1 Presentations A1 due
3 01/21 Software Development Life Cycles and Agile Development (slides) Ch 2-3 Peer evaluation, 2, 3, 4, 5 Git setup: Read article 1 and article 2
Setup group repo, demo push, pull, branching
01/24 Industry speaker: Carson Myers, Just be Friends
4 01/28 Project Management and Planning (slides) Ch 23 Choosing SDLC activities
01/31 Sizing (slides) Peer evaluation 2, 3, 4, 5
5 02/04 Estimating Cost (slides) A2 support
02/07 A2 Presentations A2 due
6 02/11 Review (questions) Peer evaluation 2, 3, 4, 5 PM exercises
02/14 Midterm 1
7 Reading Week: Classes and labs cancelled No labs
8 02/25 Requirements Engineering and UML Use Cases (slides, UML chapter) Ch 4, Ch 5.2-5.3, Ch 7.1 Use case and DFD practice
02/28 Design and Modular Design (slides, DFD tutorial) Ch 6 1) Use Case Diagrams for
(a) Airline Reservation System
(b) Facebook's photo library
2) Data Flow Diagrams (Level 0 and 1) for
(a) University Registration System
(b) Online Ordering System
9 03/04 Industry speaker: Becky Parisotto and Shawn McCabe, Acro Media Inc. Midterm results review
Avg: 75%, Max: 93%, Histogram
Setup wikispace account
03/07 Implementation (slides) Ch 7.3
10 03/11 Testing (slides) Ch 8, 24 A3 support
03/14 Refactoring (slides) A3 due (video due 03/16)
11 03/18 A3 Presentations (video due 03/16) No labs this week
03/21 Process Improvement (slides) Ch 26
12 03/25 Review (questions) Project Support
03/28 Midterm 2
13 04/01 Industry speaker: Ken Gnazdowsky, Find it EZ Software Corp. Project video due Midterm results review
Avg: 74%, Max: 95%, Histogram
04/04 Project presentations Final Project due (04/07)