COSC 341: Human Computer Interaction


Office Hours: Wednesdays 1:00-2:00pm and Thursdays 3:30pm-4:30pm, or by appointment

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Download course outline and review it carefully. It covers course objectives, grading, and various course and university policies.

Important Dates: See

Tentative Schedule

Week Date Topics Online "Textbook" Materials Labs/Assignments Learning Objectives
1 09/07 Slides No labs
  • To get a general overview of what HCI encompasses
2 09/12
  • User Centered Design
  • Team Formation
  • Design Challenge #1: See details
Slides #1
Slides #2
Video link
Lab: Complete personnas, scenarios, unique solution
  • To fully appreciate the importance of the user
  • To conduct and/or participate in a focus group
  • Focus Groups
  • Design Challenge #1 cont.
3 09/19
  • Design Rationale
  • Design Challenge #1 cont.
Video on Design Alternatives
Reading on Design Rationale
Lab: Complete gIBIS analysis and design recommendation
  • To apply design rationale techniques in evaluating multiple design methods
  • To create storyboards
  • To design and build paper prototypes
  • Low Fidelity Prototyping
  • Design Challenge #2: See details
Video link: protoype interaction
Video link: protoype with context
4 09/26
  • Design Guidelines
  • Design Challenege #2 cont.
A1 due 09/24

A1 sample solution

Lab: Complete paper prototype

  • To apply design guidelines in an evaluation process
  • To apply formal models in measuring interface usability
  • Formal Models
  • Design Challenge #2 cont.
Video on Fitts Law
5 10/03 Review and Q&A (some practice questions) Exam Format
Lab: A2 Support and TA Office Hours
10/05 Midterm 1
6 10/10
  • High Fidelity Prototyping
  • Design Challenge #3: See details
Slides A2 due 10/08

Lab: Complete report and plan for video prototype

  • To experience alternative interaction techniques
  • To design novel interactions for physical objects
  • Design Challenge #3 cont.
  • Midpoint evaluation (link) closes Monday 10/16 9:00am
  • Midterm 1 Review
7 10/17
  • Alternate Interfaces and Gesture Recognition
Slides Lab: A3 Support and TA Office Hours
  • To appreciate alternate interfaces and interaction techniques in HCI research
  • Class cancelled
    (due to illness)
8 10/24
  • Multimodal interaction and Card Sorting
  • Design Challenge #4: See details
Slides Lab: Complete card sorting activities and identify 3 user tasks
  • Heuristic Evaluation
  • Design Challenge #4 cont.
9 10/31
  • Participate in a heuristic evaluation
  • Design Challenge #4 cont.
Slides A3 due 10/29 11/01

Lab: Complete peer data collection

  • To quantitatively measure the effectiveness of a design or an interaction technique
  • Class cancelled
    (due to illness)
10 11/07
  • A4 overview
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Evaluation Exercises: See details
Slides Lab: Poster Signup and A4 Support
  • To quantitatively compare two interaction techniques
  • The z-test
11 11/14
  • The t-test
Slides and notes on comparison of methods Lab: Support on evaluation exercises and A4
11/16 Review and Q&A (some practice questions) Exam Format
12 11/21 Midterm 2 Cheatsheet provided Lab: A4 Support and TA Office Hours
A4 due 11/24
  • Special Topic: Accessibility
  • Invited Speaker: Meghan Currie
  • Slides
    13 11/28
  • Poster Session: Future of HCI
  • Presenters: David D., Leanne D., Chunyang R., Ismael H., Xukun W., Varun K., Anu J., Mandy L., Andrew F., Angie P., Jinhan L., Tafhim C., David O., Riley J., Ali M., Rui S., Ini O., Gunjan S., Jay B.
  • List of Videos No labs
  • Poster Session: Future of HCI
  • Presenters: Jen L., Tara P., Aurey H., Justin H., Noman M., Nick V., Michael W., Devon M., Kyle R., Patrick C., Ryan H., Jeena K., Stephen O., Tim O., Matt B., Robert T., Scott G., Gage B., Jeff T.