COSC 419: Topics in Computer Science

Intelligent User Interfaces


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Evaluation Criteria

Grading: Total 100% Note: All assignments are due at 9:00am on the day of the reading. All presentations are to be done in class on the day of the scheduled presentation.

Late Policy: No late work will be accepted unless a medical note is provided.

Students MUST achieve a passing grade on all the course components in order to pass the course. Failure to do so will result in a 45% grade, or the resulting grade, whichever is the lowest.

Important Dates

Tentative Schedule

Week Date Readings Presenter
1 05/13 Course Overview slides
  • An Introduction to Intelligent User Interfaces (Wahlster & Maybury 1998) pdf
  • Reflections on Challenges and Promises of Mixed-Initiative Interaction (Horvitz 2007) pdf
Study: Formal logic pdf, probability theory pdf

  • Bowen
  • Bowen
05/16 Adaptable Interfaces
  • Systems that Adapt to their Users (Jameson & Gajos 2012)
  • Socially-Adaptable Interfaces: Crowdsourcing Customization (Lafreniere & Terry 2011) pdf
Study: Decision trees and expected value pdf 1, pdf 2

  • Bowen
  • Brayden
2 05/20 Holiday - no class
05/23 Adaptive Interfaces
  • Principles of Mixed-Initiative (Horvitz 1999) pdf
Natural Language Interfaces
  • A Personality-based Framework for Utterance Generation in Dialogue Applications (Mairesse & Walker 2008) pdf (long version: pdf)

  • Ethan

  • Raffi
3 05/27 Natural Language Interfaces
  • The Expression of Emotions in 20th Century Books (Acerbi, Lampos, Garnett, Bentley 2013) pdf
  • A Natural Language Interface for Data Warehouse Question Answering (Kuchmann-Beauger & Aufaure 2011) pdf
Project Proposal Submission and Presentations

  • Matt
  • Duncan

  • Everyone
05/30 Socia Media Analysis
  • Towards Personality Insights from Language Exploration in Social Media (Schwartz, Eichstaedt, Dziurzynski, Kern, Seligman, Ungar 2013) pdf
  • Effects of User Similarity in Social Media (Anderson, Huttenlocher, Kleinberg, Leskovec 2012) pdf

  • Peter
  • Bowen
4 06/03 Social Media Analysis
  • Predicting the Future with Social Media (Asur & Huberman 2010) pdf
  • Modeling Topic Specific Credibility in Twitter (Kang, O'Donovan, Hollerer 2012) pdf
Study: causality, (dynamic) Bayesian network, inference pdf 1, pdf 2

  • Rodney
  • Peter
06/06 User Types
  • The Lumiere Project: Bayesian User Modeling for Inferring the Goals and Needs of Software Users (Horvitz, Breese, Heckerman, Hovel, Rommelse 1998) pdf
  • Who's Asking for Help? A Bayesian Approach to Intelligent Assistance (Hui & Boutilier 2006) pdf
Study: hypothesis testing pdf, experiment design pdf

  • Matt
  • Ethan
5 06/10 class rescheduled to 06/24 N/A
06/13 User Types
  • The Need for an Interaction Cost Model in Adaptive Interfaces (Hui, Gustafson, Irani, Boutilier 2008) pdf
  • A Probabilistic Mental Model for Estimating Disruption (Hui, Partridge, Boutilier 2009) pdf
Study: preferences and lotteries pdf

  • Matt
  • Ethan
6 06/17 User Types
  • Toward Experiential Utility Elicitation for Interface Customization (Hui & Boutilier 2008) pdf
Activity Recognition
  • Human Activity Analysis: A Review (Aggarwal & Ryoo 2011) pdf -- sections 1 (all), 2.0 (skip 2.1, 2.2, etc.), 3.0, and 4.0
Study: other graphical models html

  • Bowen

  • Peter
06/20 IUI in the Industry -- register for the Metabridge 2013 Cascadia Event at Eventbrite
  • identify 3 products presented, along with the name of the presenter and the time of presentation
  • for each product, explain what the IUI aspect is, and if there is none, describe how the product could have been designed to include IUI
  • expected length for each product and IUI description: 0.5 page
  • write-up due 9:00am 06/21
7 06/24 Project Final Presentations
  • Everyone