Student Accomplishments

Recently, I've started to showcase outputs from student assignments and projects as a source of motivation for other students. Below is a sample of what my students have accomplished from various courses and/or side projects under my supervision.

Projects from Honours Theses and Directed Studies

Projects from intelligent tutoring systems, mobile game development, test-driven development, unsupervised learning, field-testing with elementary school children, ... More details

Projects from Upper Level Courses

Projects from learning analytics, mobile educational game development, intelligent user interfaces, and software engineering. More details

Java Games from COSC 111: Computer Programming I

Java (desktop) games that demonstrate introductory programming constructs. Two versions: a dog moves to catch apples and a pirate collects treasure in a maze. More details

Educational Videos from COSC 101: Digital Citizenship

Videos that teach others about the Internet. Example topics: online scams, how to participate in the digital world. More details

Jobs After Graduation

Below is the list of students I've supervised and where they are working after graduation: