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Réseau de recherche sur l’éducation à la citoyenneté (CIESC)
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Overview of CERN


Overview of the Citizenship Education Research Network

Citizenship education is of primary importance to the construction of a sense of belonging and to civic participation in Canadian society.


What is CERN?

The Citizenship Education Research Network(CERN) brings together a group of interested researchers, policy makers, practitioners and stakeholders, to carry out an agreed-upon agenda of citizenship education research in Canada. CERN responds to a need for a systematic, long-term body of research on the important dimension of social cohesion.(read more)


Four Research Themes

The following four research themes emerged form the Citizenship Education Think Tank in 1998:

    1. Citizenship Conceptions and Contexts

    2. Citizenship Practices

    3. Citizenship Values and

    4. Citizenship Skills, Knowledge, Attidutes and Behaviours

These four themes were further developed at the next meeting of the group in Ottawa on June 1, 1998, when they met in the Research Councils' chambers hosted by Elisabeth Barot of the Canadian commission for UNESCO and Canadian Heritage. (read more)


CERN Collection

We are pleased to announce the release of our first peer reviewed CERN Collection. This is the first online CERN Collection. The idea for this Collection arose from the desire to provide presenters of outstanding CERN papers at CSSE with the opportunity to revise and elaborate on the work they presented at the conference[,] with due consideration to the feedback received from the audience. In addition, each paper was blind reviewed by two peers. The CERN Collection will be produced annually. Presenters of papers are invited to submit their papers to the editor (catherine.broom@ubc.ca) within one month after the CSSE conference. Those interested in serving as reviewers are also invited to email the editor.




CERN Executive 

Olenka Bilash
(University of Alberta)

Past President:
Lorna McLean
(University of Ottawa)

Program Chair:
Trevor Gulliver
(Bishop's University)

Secretary-Treasurer: Doug Fleming
(University of Ottawa)

Collection Editor: Catherine Broom
(University of British Columbia)



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