The CPROPS Package

Bias-free Measurement of GMC properties --- Erik Rosolowsky and Adam Leroy

This page contains IDL software for our recent submission to PASP regarding the bias-free measurement of GMC properties in molecular-line data sets. The suite is written in IDL (v. 6.x). See the manual file for instructions on installation.

The CPROPS package contains within it a distribution of the CLUMPFIND code written by Jonathan Williams and described in Williams, de Geus, and Blitz (1994). The package is available as a stand alone package. If you make use of the CLUMPFIND functionality in the CPROPS package for a publication, please (please, please) make sure to cite Jonathan's original article.

Although we have invested significant effort to check the package, we GUARANTEE there are bugs remaining (we just don't know what they are yet). If you discover what you think is a bug, please report them (erik.rosolowsky atsign so that the package can be improved.

Github Link The CPROPS analysis package (GitHub Development Branch)
cprops.tar.gz The CPROPS analysis package (static)
man.cprops.pdf The CPROPS Manual
sample.fits Sample FITS file containing a GMC (EPRB1 from Rosolowsky, et al. 2003)
astro-ph Preprint of the PASP article describing the method

Accelerated Version

A while ago, I implemented a significant speed-up in the contouring procedures in the distribution. The results are not fully tested, but appear to be functioning correctly. Please email me if the Github version above produces pathological errors.

Version history, bug fixes, and recipes for disaster.

Early 2013 -- I've moved most of my code to github for your downloading enjoyment. I also implemented the /ROUND keyword which allows for round "exclusion areas" for local maxima. When the number of pixels per beam grows large, this makes for a better decomposition than the original square exclusion boxes.

11 July 2007 -- Patched and to better handle Galactic data sets. Also corrected a projection effect for calculating cloud coordinates. (Thanks to Tony Wong and Jorge Pineda)

5 November 2006 -- Added and its support programs to the distribution. (Thanks to Joanne Dawson)

18 April 2006 -- Included CLUMPFIND cb files with distribution. (Thanks to Annie Hughes)

24 March 2006 -- Added /all_neighbors flag to the core to make the region labelling fully consistent. Also added a NUMBER tag to the output structure from to count number of pixels used in each calculation.

31 January 2006 -- Original Package uploaded.

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