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Holli-Anne Passmore, M.A.

Ph.D. Graduate Student (2018)
Department of Psychology, University of British Columbia
ARTS 280-H, 1147 Research Road
Kelowna, BC V1V 1V7

Sessional Instructor - Department of Psychology
University of British Columbia - Kelowna, BC
MacEwan University - Edmonton, AB
cell: 780-240-1899

Holli-Anne Passmore is a positive psychology researcher focusing on three main areas: 1) how connecting with nature can enhance well-being; 2) meaning in life; 3) full aliveness. Her work has been published in several academic journals (e.g., Journal of Positive Psychology, Journal of Happiness Studies, International Journal of Wellbeing, and Journal of Pacific Rim Psychology) and books (e.g., International Contributions to the Study of Positive Mental Health, Positive Psychology among Children and Adolescents). Holli-Anne has presented her work at national and international conferences including the past three World Congresses on Positive Psychology, and conferences held by Canadian Association of Positive Psychology and the International Network on Personal Meaning. She has been an invited speaker at events such as The Gratitude Project and the 2015 Educating for Resilience conference, and has delivered invited guest lectures on topics within positive psychology to classes at UBC and MacEwan University (Edmonton, Alberta). Holli-Anne was awarded (April, 2017) the UBC Provost's Award for Teaching Assistance Excellence. Her teaching experience includes: Psychology of Meaning and co-instructing Research Methods.

In March, 2017, GoGreenEx(Going Outdoors: Gathering Research Evidence on ENvironment and Exercise), an interdisciplinary research group based in Ireland, listed Holli-Anne as one of the women leading the way in environmental science whose endeavours have had an enormous impact on their work. Holli-Anne has received over $200,000 in grants and scholarship funding for her well-being research. Currently, Holli-Anne is collaborating with researchers in Canada, China, Dubai, Germany, Japan, and Russia. She supervises several undergraduate students in directed studies and honour thesis research on a variety of topics related to well-being. Her students have presented findings at conferences and have won undergraduate research awards. She recently started a Nature / Meaning in Life research lab (the Nature-MILL) at UBC for undergraduates interested in pursuing research regarding nature and/or meaning in life and well-being.

In the media, Holli-Anne's work on nature and well-being is featured on UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center's website: Greater Good in Action as a pratical intervention to enhance well-being. The radio program, TerraInforma, recently aired a half-hour interview with Holli-Anne discussing nature, well-being, and meaning in life. Her work has also been featured in SeniorsNews based in Australia and Positive Acorn.