1. DIY Labware

We develop and build custom labware ourselves, including tools for molecular biology and optics. Our work horse is the lulzbot mini 3D printer. .stl files are freely shared below for non-commercial purposes, if you are interested in modifying the design, please contact us for source files.


1. DIY Labware
2. Mouse Aging Behaviour Studies

1.5mL eppendorf tube plate - download   calibration standards - download
Humidity chaimber slide support - download   Magnetic bead purification stand - download
Cell culture stacker - download   PDMS casting mould - download
Flow cell chamber - download top | bottom | adaptor   Flow cell mounting rack - download
Cell culture disk holder - download   Coverslip holder - download
Flow cell washing station - download    

2. Mouse Aging Behaviour Pilot Studies

Coming this fall...