Students will work in a close-knit team on interdisciplinary single-molecule and single-cell research projects. We have projects in a variety of research areas including (but not limited to): 1. biosensor design and development, 2. bacterial and cancer cell adhesion, and 3. new biophysical technique development.

We are always seeking outstanding students with diverse backgrounds in chemistry, physics, cell/molecular biology, and bioengineering. Please email to learn more about our research and open opportunities.

Graduate studies opportunities

We are currently only taking graduate students with scholarships.

If you are curious and love to do creative + hands-on + multidisciplinary research, this is for you. All backgrounds are welcome. Students should have a strong track record in physical sciences or engineering. Students in my lab will develop multidisciplinary skills including: single-molecule techniques, fluorescence and super-resolution microscopy, scientific and biomedical instrumentation, cell adhesion, nanotechnology, molecular biology, surface and conjugation chemistry, etc.

Please contact me and apply through Application & Admission @ UBC Okanagan Campus

Funding for Canadian applicants

Funding for international applicants

2 Postdoc positions:

Position 1: We are looking for a postdoc to develop molecular force sensors to study neural junction mechanics. Candidate should have expertise in biophysics, immunofluorescence, bioconjugation, and cell biology.

Position 2: We are looking for a postdoc to study the biogenesis and in situ labelling of exosomes. The Candidate should have experience in biophysics, inimmunofluorescence and endosome and exosome biology.

We are seeking postdocs with background in single-molecule techniques, fluorescence microscopy and cell biology. Postdocs are strongly recommended to apply for the following funding opportunities:


Undergraduate opportunities

Thesis and Directed Studies
CHEM448/449 and BIOC448/449 students should contact me directly.

Work-Study Program
Please check back in April for 2018 opportunities.

Summer Research Programs
Students at UBC Okanagan should apply for URA and NSERC-USRA summer fellowships. Deadline is Jan 31, 2018.

International students
Please check out Mitac Globalink Research Internship.