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I am surving as guest editors for the following two journals, if you are interested in contributing, please email me directly.

"DNA-Based Sensors for Single-Molecule Biology" in Sensors

"Surveying Life One Molecule at a Time: Single Molecule Methods Dig Deeper into Contemporary Biology" in Frontiers in Molecular Bioscience


28. "Quantifying molecular tension – Classifications, interpretations and limitations of force sensors"
A. Yasunaga, Y. Murad, I.T.S. Li*, Physical Biology, 2020, 17, 011001


27. "Challenges and Opportunities in Exosome Research – Perspectives from Biology, Engineering, and Cancer Therapy "
X. Li, A.L. Corbett, E. Taatizadeh, N. Tasnim, J.P. Little, C. Garnis, M. Daugaard, E. Guns, M. Hoorfar, I.T.S. Li*, APL Bioengineering, 2019, 3, 011503. (Cover)

26. "Quantifying Molecular Forces with Serially Connected Force Sensors"
Y. Murad, I.T.S. Li*, Biophysical Journal, 2019, 116 (7), 1282-1291. (Highlighted)


25. "Direct visualization of location and uptake of applied melatonin and serotonin in living tissues and their redistribution in plants in response to thermal stress"
L.A.E. Erland, A. Yasunaga, I.T.S. Li, S.J. Murch, P.K. Saxena, Journal of Pineal Research, 2018, 66(1), 12527.

24. "Minimal Information for Studies of Extracellular Vesicles 2018 (MISEV2018)"
C. Thery, et al., Journal of Extracellular Vesicles, 2018, 7(1), 1535750.


23. "Quantitative analysis of multilayer organization of proteins and RNA in nuclear speckles at super resolution"
J. Fei, M. Jadaliha, T. Harmon, I.T.S. Li, B. Hua, Q. Hao, A.S. Holehouse, M. Reyer, Q. Sun, S.M. Freier, R.V. Pappu, K.V. Prasanth, T. Ha, Journal of Cell Science, 2017, 130, 4180-4192.

22. "Mapping cell surface adhesion by rotation tracking and adhesion footprinting"
I.T.S. Li, T. Ha, Y.R. Chemla, Scientific Report, 2017, 44502.


21. "Defining Single Molecular Forces Required for Notch Activation Using Nano Yoyo"
F. Chowdhury, I.T.S. Li, T.T.M. Ngo, B.J. Leslie, B.C. Kim, J.E. Sokoloski, E. Weiland, X. Wang, Y.R. Chemla, T.M. Lohman, T. Ha, Nano Letter, 2016, 16(6), 3892-2897

20. "Constructing modular and universal single molecule tension senor using protein G to study mechano-sensitive receptors"
X. Wang, Z. Rahil, I.T.S. Li, F. Chowdhury, D. Leckband, Y. Chemla, T. Ha, Scientific Report, 2016, 6, 21584


19. "Single molecular force across single integrins dictates cell spreading"
F. Chowdhury, I.T.S. Li, B.J. Leslie, S. Doganay, R. Singh, X. Wang, J. Seong, S. Lee, S. Park, N. Wang, T. Ha, Integrative Biology, 2015, 7,1265-1271

18. "How osmolytes influence hydrophobic polymer conformation: a unified view from experiment and theory"
J. Mondal, D. Halverson, I.T.S. Li, G. Stirnemann, G.C. Walker, B.J. Berne, PNAS, 2015, 112(30), 9270-9275.


17. "Synthesis, self-assembly and photophysical properties of oligo(2,5-dihexyloxy-1,4-phenylene vi-nylene)-block-poly(ethylene glycol)"
C. Feng, M. J. Gonzalez, Y. Song, I.T.S. Li, G. Zhao, G. Molev, G. Guerin, G.C. Walker, G.D. Scholes, I. Manners, W.A. Winnik, Soft Matter, 2014, 10(44), 8875-8887


16. "Single Polymer Studies of Hydrophobic Hydration"
I.T.S. Li, G.C. Walker, Accounts of Chemical Research, 2012, 45(11), 2011-2021

15. "Polymer Nanomechanics"
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14. "Signature of Hydrophobic Hydration in a Single Polymer"
I.T.S. Li, G.C. Walker, PNAS, 2011, 108(40), 16527-16532

www.sciencedebate.com - "Interaction Of Hydrophobic Molecules With Water – New Insights"
PNAS - "Unraveling the hydrophobic effect, one molecule at a time"
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C&EN news - "Water Shell Undergoes Structural Changes"
ChemistryViews - "Folding Solution"
Superamolecular Space - "Honing in on hydrophobicity's autograph"

13. "FRep: a Fluorescent Protein-based Bioprobe for In vivo Detection of Protein:DNA Interactions"
S.H. Shahravan, I.T.S. Li, K. Truong, J.A. Shin, Analytical Chemistry, 2011, 83(24), 9643-9650

12. "Microdomain Orientation of Diblock Copolymer Ultrathin Films Solvent Annealed at Low Temperatures"
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11. "Imaging Secondary Structure of Individual Amyloid Fibrils of a ß2-microglobulin Fragment Using Near-Field Infrared Spectroscopy"
M. Paulite, Z. Fakhaari, I.T.S. Li, N. Gunari, A.E. Tanur, G.C. Walker, JACS, 2011, 133, 7376-7383


10. "Interfacial Free Energy Governs Single Polystyrene Chain Collapse in Water and Aqueous Solutions"
I.T.S. Li, G.C. Walker, JACS, 2010, 132(18), 6530-6540

9. "A Computational Tool for Monte Carlo Simulations of Biomolecular Reaction Networks Modeled on Physical Principles"
I.T.S. Li, E. Mills, K. Truong, IEEE Trans. Nanobioscience, 2010, 9(1), 24-30


8. "FRET evidence that an isoform of caspase-7 binds but does not cleave its substrate"
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7. "Computational modeling approaches for studying of synthetic biological networks"
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5. "160-fold acceleration of the Smith-Waterman algorithm using a field programmable gate array (FPGA)"
I.T.S. Li, W. Shum, K. Truong, BMC Bioinformatics, 2007, 8, 185

4. "A computational tool for designing FRET protein biosensors by rigid-body sampling of their conformational space"
E. Pham, J. Chiang, I.T.S. Li, W. Shum, K. Truong, Structure, 2007, 15(5), 515-523

3. "Current approaches for engineering proteins with diverse biological properties"
I.T.S. Li, E. Pham, K. Truong, Bio-Applications of Nanoparticles, 2007, 620, 18-33


2. "Protein biosensors based on the principle of fluorescence resonance energy transfer for monitoring cellular dynamics"
I.T.S. Li, E. Pham, K. Truong, Biotechnology Letters, 2006, 28(24), 1971-1982

1. "Creation of circularly permutated yellow fluorescent proteins using fluorescence screening and a tandem fusion template"
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2. "Hydrophobic Hydration of a Single Polymer"
I.T.S. Li, 2012, Ph.D Thesis, download

1. "Monte Carlo simulations of biomolecular reaction networks modeled on physical principles"
I.T.S. Li, 2007, M.A.Sc Thesis, download

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1. "NextGen's tools for the future - Sleep Paper Reader"
Science. 2015, 348(6230), 32-35


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