Nucleic Acid - Structure and Function (BIOC410 | CHEM568M)

This course will discuss the biochemical and biophysical properties of nucleic acid as well as applications of nucleic acid in modern biotechnology and nanotechnology using DNA as functional material. Topics include DNA/RNA structure and function, physical chemistry of nucleic acid that influences their behaviour in biological systems, techniques to study structure and function of nucleic acid, and DNA bio-nano-technology such as molecular machines, biosensors, DNA origami, and next-gen sequencing.

Schedule: Term 1 - Mon | Wed 8:00-9:30 am (ART214)
Office hours: Wed 9:30-11:30 pm (FIP343)
Course materials:

Cellular and Molecular Biophysics (CHEM422X | BIOC420X | CHEM507X)
Description: Biophysical principles behind molecular and cellular processes. The course will emphasize on the modelling of bio-macromolecule's biomechanics and structural transition using statistical mechanics method. Topics include: protein folding, DNA mechanics, molecular self-assembly, molecular motor, systems biology, cell motility, mechanobiology, cell sensing, biomolecular networks, and biological pattern formation. Tools and techniques used at the frontier of nanoscience will be introduced including: molecular biosensors, single-molecule biophysics, and super-resolution microscopy.
Schedule: Term 2
Office hours:  

Biophysical Chemistry Labs (CHEM305)

Experiments: 07 - Conductance and diffusion
10 - Introduction to self-assembly: micelle properties
15 - Molar mass determination by viscosity
17 - Electrophoresis of amino acids
19 - Determination of diffusion constant
22 - Myoglobin transitions
25 - Osmosis and permeability
26 - Thermodynamics of glycine
Sections: L03
Schedule: Term 2 - Thursdays 2:00-6:00 pm (SCI221)
Office hours: TBD
  Lab group schedule for 2019 T2 is here

Modern Instrumentation for Single-Molecule Chemistry (CHEM507R)

Description: This course will introduce a variety of modern techniques to study the physical chemistry of individual bio-macromolecules. In particular, single-molecule microscopy and optical manipulation techniques that probes the conformational dynamics and energy landscapes of proteins and DNAs, as well as their interactions will be discussed.
Schedule: Term 2 - Graduate Level only

Past Teaching

2015-2016 - CHEM305 Biophysical Chemistry Lab

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Oct. 18, 2019
Future of Health
Accelerate Okanagan

Sept.13, 2019
2nd Western Canada Biophysics Conference
Please join us to learn about the biophysics, bioengineering, and chemical biology research. We have Dr. Keng Chou from UBC Vancouver as keynote guest speaker. Local speakers include: Dr. Keekyoung Kim, Dr. Frederic Menard, Click here for more detail.

Dec. 14, 2017
Nobel Night at UBC Okanagan
Fipke Lecture Theatre

Mar.15, 2017
1st Western Canada Biophysics Conference

Please join us to learn about the biophysics, bioengineering, and chemical biology research. We have Dr. Nancy Forde from SFU as keynote guest speaker. Local speakers include: Dr. Mina Hoorfar, Dr. Andrew Jirasek, Dr. Frederic Menard, and myself. Click here for more detail.


Dec. 8, 2016
Nobel Night at UBC Okanagan
Fipke Lecture Theatre

Join us to learn about this year’s Nobel Prize-winning contributions in medicine, physics, chemistry, literature, economics and peace from distinguished UBC researchers. (Highlights)
About the Physics Prize - TBA
About the Chemistry Prize - Dr. Isaac Li,
About the Medicine Prize - Dr. Bruce Mathieson
About the Literature Prize - Dr. Oliver Lovesey
About the Peace Prize - Dr. Jessica Stites Mor
About the Economic Sciences - Dr. Ross Hickey