Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Lab

Winter 2017-18



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D3h Point Group
Symmetry elements and character table.




Schedule and Groups:

Expt 1 - Alkene Isomerization by a Homogeneous Nickel Catalyst
Expt 2 - Synthesis of Tetrathionite
Expt 3 - Carbonyl Complexes of Molybdenum and Iron
Expt 4 - Magnetic Properties of Tetragonal Ni(II) Complexes
Expt 5 - Analysis of a Bimetallic Cobalt Complex
Expt 6 - Cis/Trans Isomerization in Ruthenium Phosphine Complexes
Expt 8 - Multiple Metal-Metal Bonds
Expt 9 - Luminescent Compounds




Jan 9, 16

Jan 23, Jan 30

Feb 6, 20

Feb 27, Mar 6

Mar 13, 20


Ben, Justin
Alyx, Aaron
Fiona, Sarah
James, Jacky
Isabelle, Emily


Isabelle, Connor
Madison, Emily
Ben, Jacky
Alyx, Miya
James, Justin


Madison, Miya
Ben, Connor
Alyx, Emily
Aaron, Justin, Fiona
Sarah, Jacky


James, Fiona, Emily
Isabelle, Sarah, Jacky
Madison, Miya, Justin
Ben, Connor
Alyx, Aaron


Aaron, Sarah
James, Miya
Isabelle, Connor
Madison, Emily
Ben, Fiona
Alyx, Jacky
Fiona, Justin
James, Aaron
Isabelle, Sarah
Miya, Madison,Connor

Report Due Date

Jan 30
Feb 20
Mar 6
Mar 20
Apr 3



Instructor: Dr. Jim Bailey


Office: Sci-217

Office Hours:

M 11am - 1pm
Th 11am - 1pm

And by Appointment

Laboratory: 8:00 am - 2:00 pm Tuesday, Sci 221


Helpful Reference Material:

•  “Inorganic Chemistry” 2/e, Housecroft and Sharpe (QD 151.3 H68 2005)

•  “Inorganic Chemistry” 4/e, Shriver and Atkins (QD 151.5 S57 2006)

•  “Advanced Inorganic Chemistry” 5/e, Cotton and Wilkinson (QD151 .C64 1988 )

•  “Infrared and Raman spectra of Inorganic and Coordination Compounds”, Nakamoto, 5/e
(QD 96.I5 N33 1997)

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