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PHYS 331
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SCI 261

Experimental Physics I
Room: SCI 239
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Sept. 14 - Assignment #2: Lockin Detection:
Assignment #2
Due Friday, Sept. 28 @ 12:30
LabVIEW: LabVIEW programs used to acquire data:
directory of compressed files
Assignment #1: Linearization Review:
Assignment #1
Due Friday, Sept. 21 @ 12:30
Origin Tutorial: Data for the Origin tutorial.
PHYS 232 assignment for the Origin tutorial.
Plot from the Origin tutorial.
Formal Reports: Here is the formal report grading scheme and an example formal report.

There is a 10-page limit for all formal reports. This includes the abstract, all figures, all tables, and the bibliography.

See the course syllabus for the late policy.

Experiment #1 formal report due Mon., Nov. 5 @ 23:59
    -- email a pdf of your report to Jake.

Experiment #2 formal report due Tue., Dec. 4 @ 23:59
    -- email a pdf of your report to Jake.

Presentation rubric: Everyone will participate in grading the class presentations.

Here are links to the grading rubric and the grading form.

There are six categories and each presenter will be assigned a mark out of 10 for each category. If two presenters are working together, they will receive the same marks for the first four categories, but will receive individual marks for the final two.

Everyone will get a mark out of 90 for their presentation. Eight of the remaining 10 marks will be rewarded based on attendence.

You are required to email me your presentation slides by noon on the day of your presentation. If you meet this deadline, you will receive 2 marks. Acceptable formats are pdf, ppt, pptx, and odp.

LaTeX: LaTeX Tutorials:

Documents to introduce you to LaTeX
.zip archive
directory of uncompressed files

This short set of instructions will help you get started with Texmaker.

Projects (.pdf): Here is a list with a brief description of the experiments offered in PHYS 331:
PHYS 331 projects
Laboratory Safety (.pdf): Read the following short document before coming to the first laboratory: Safety Guidelines
Course Syllabus (.pdf): PHYS 331 Syllabus

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