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Low-Temperature Physics
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Mar. 7 - Assignment #6:
1-D Heat Equation:
Assignment #6
Due Wednesday, Mar. 21 @ 10:30

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Feb. 26 - Relatviity Talk: On Thursday, Mar. 8 from 19:00 - 21:00 at The Well Dr. Ben Tippett will present a talk entitled "The Physics of Time Travel". See the linked poster.
Feb. 22 - CAP Lecture: On Monday, Mar. 5 from 2:00 - 3:30 in ART 386 Dr. Clark from the Queen's University will present a research talk entitled "Dark Matter: How to Hunt for the Unknown". See the linked poster to read the abstract of the talk.

This talk is co-sponsored by the Canadian Association of Physcists (CAP) and is designed to be accessible to students studying undergraduate physics. You're strongly encouraged to attend this presentation.

Feb. 21 - Assignment #5:
Heat Transfer by Radiation:
Assignment #5
Due Wednesday, Mar. 7 @ 10:30
Feb. 18 - Lecture slides:
Here are the dilution refrigerator slides (pictures) that were shown in class.
Feb. 8 - Dilution Refrigerators:
Here are a couple of good references on dilution refrigerators:

1968 Dilution Refrigerator article - Lounasmaa.pdf

The Lounasmaa paper is particularly useful.

Feb. 4 - Assignment #4:
He-3/He-4 Mixtures:
Assignment #4
Due Wednesday, Feb. 21 @ 10:30

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Jan. 25 - Assignment #3:
Evaporative Cooling:
Assignment #3
Due Monday, Feb. 5 @ 10:30
Jan. 14 - Assignment #2:
Joule-Thomson Expansion:
Assignment #2
Due Wednesday, Jan. 24 @ 10:30
Jan. 8 - Projects: Here is a list with a brief description of the experiments available in the PHYS 425 lab:
PHYS 425 projects

Notice that I added a 6th project that wasn't discussed in the lab today. The added project is AC susceptometry to measures the superconducting transition of a high-temperature superconductor.

Please have a preferred project (or two) in mind for this Friday's class (Jan. 12).

Jan. 8 - Stirling Cycle:
Link to a website describing the Stirling Cycle:

and a very nice figure of a working Stirling engine design:

Jan. 6 - Assignment #1:
Stirling Cycle Refrigerator:
Assignment #1
Due Monday, Jan. 15 @ 10:30
Units of Pressure: Pressure is one quantity that has many many different units. There's so many of them, it's hard to keep track of all of the conversion factors. Here's a table that lists the conversion factors between the most common pressure units.

One of the most commonly used pressure units in low-temperature physics is the Torr. 1 Torr = 1 mmHg (actually 1 Torr = 0.999 999 857 mmHg) and 760 Torr = 1 atm (exactly - by definition).

Formal Grading Scheme: This document provides some guidelines and a grading scheme for your research report.
Research Topics: Remember that as part of PHYS 425 you have to independently research a topic in low-temperature physics that won't be covered in depth during the lectures. You will then write a formal report on this topic which is due Friday, March 16.

Here are some possible topics for your research reports. You do not have to pick one of these topics. If you have your own idea for a topic, just run it by me. Please let me know which topic you plan to research and write about by Friday, January 26.

Presentation rubric: Everyone will participate in grading the class presentations.

Here are links to the grading rubric and the grading form.

There are six categories and each presenter will be assigned a mark out of 10 for each category. If two or more presenters are working together, they will receive the same marks for the first four categories, but will receive individual marks for the final two.

Everyone will get a mark out of 90 for their presentation. Eight of the remaining 10 marks will be rewarded based on attendence.

You are required to email me your presentation slides by 23:59 the day before your presentation. If you meet this deadline, you will receive 2 marks. Acceptable formats are pdf, ppt, pptx, and odp.

LaTeX: LaTeX Tutorials:

Documents to introduce you to LaTeX
.zip archive
directory of uncompressed files

This short set of instructions will help you get started with Texmaker.

Laboratory Safety (.pdf): Read the following short document before coming to the first laboratory: Safety Guidelines
Course Syllabus (.pdf): PHYS 425 Syllabus

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