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Experimental Physics II
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Term 2


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Mar. 22 - Public Lecture: On Saturday, Mar. 24 starting at 19:00 at the Okanagan Innovation Centre Theatre Dr. Mark Halpern will present a public lecture entitled

"CHIME: Listening to Tunes from a Toddler Universe and Characterizing Dark Energy in the Okanagan".

See the linked poster for more information.

Mar. 22 - Cosmology Talk: On Friday, Mar. 23 from 14:00 - 15:30 in ART 214 Dr. Mark Halpern will present a talk entitled

"CHIME, the Canadain Hydrogen Intensity-Mapping Experiment".

See the linked poster for the abstract.

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Feb. 27 - Sampling: Here are the sampling slides that were shown in class.
Feb. 26 - Relatviity Talk: On Thursday, Mar. 8 from 19:00 - 21:00 at The Well Dr. Ben Tippett will present a talk entitled "The Physics of Time Travel". See the linked poster.
Feb. 22 - CAP Lecture: On Monday, Mar. 5 from 2:00 - 3:30 in ART 386 Dr. Clark from the Queen's University will present a research talk entitled "Dark Matter: How to Hunt for the Unknown". See the linked poster to read the abstract of the talk.

This talk is co-sponsored by the Canadian Association of Physcists (CAP) and is designed to be accessible to students studying undergraduate physics. You're strongly encouraged to attend this presentation.

Feb. 21 - Assignment #3: Signal-to-Noise Ratios and the Friis Eq'n:
Assignment #3
Due Tuesday, Mar. 13 @ 14:00

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Jan. 31 - Assignment #2: White Noise and Noise Equivalent Circuits:
Assignment #2
white noise signal 1 (.txt)
white noise signal 2 (.txt)

Due Tuesday, Feb. 20 @ 14:00

Jan. 14 - Assignment #1: Blackbody Radiation in 2-D:
Assignment #1
Due Tuesday, Jan. 23 @ 14:00
Formal Reports:
Here is the formal report grading scheme and an example formal report.

There is a 12-page limit for all formal reports. This includes the abstract, all figures, all tables, and the bibliography.

See the course syllabus for the late policy.


Pre-review formal report due Mon., Mar. 12 @ 23:59
    -- email a pdf of your report to Jake.

Peer Reviews due Thu., Mar. 22 @ 23:59
    -- email a pdf of your report to Jake.

Post-review formal report due Sat., Apr. 7 @ 23:59
    -- email a pdf of your report to Jake.

Peer review: Here are some guidelines that you have use to aid you with the referee reports that you will be asked to complete.
LaTeX: LaTeX Tutorials:

Documents to introduce you to LaTeX
.zip archive
directory of uncompressed files

This short set of instructions will help you get started with Texmaker.

Projects (.pdf): Here is a list with a brief description of the experiments offered in PHYS 441:
PHYS 441 projects
Laboratory Safety (.pdf): Read the following short document before coming to the first laboratory: Safety Guidelines
Course Syllabus (.pdf): PHYS 441 Syllabus

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