Do generalists and specialists contribute in different ways to patterns of diversity, and if so, what are the conservation management implications?

How does variation in landscape spatial structure affect community structure and function?

What are the functional consequences of exotic plant invasions for native plant and insect communities?

These are the kinds of questions that we in the B.L.E.R.F. are interested in.  Explore this site to find out more about us and our research!

A typical landscape in the south Okanagan Valley, near

Vaseux Lake.  Photo credit: Josie Symonds

What’s been happening lately...

2 manuscripts accepted on Thanksgiving weekend
This definitely was a weekend to give thanks... The BLERF had two manuscripts accepted over the weekend: (i) The first manuscript from Chandra’s thesis was accepted by Biological Control, after a bit of a, ahem, lengthy delay in the review process; better late than never!  and (ii) the first of what we hope will be many publications stemming from a new collaboration between Jason and Dr. Brian Pickles, a post-doc in residence at UBC Okanagan who conducts ectomycorrhizal fungi research.  See the publications page for details.

Welcome to new students 
Emma Walker is back again working as a work-study student, helping Liana identify arthropods captured on Russian olive plants throughout the Okanagan. And we welcome Brian Muselle as a new honours Biology student, and Jeanne Langlois-Mongeau as another work-study student!

To Dave Ensing who passed his M.Sc. thesis defence early in September with flying colours!  Now he shall be worked to the bone as a research technician in our lab!

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Contact Info: Jason Pither, UBC Okanagan, Department of Biology & Physical Geography

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