Currently, my most active collaborations are with Winfried Grassmann (USask), Yiqiang Q. Zhao (Carleton), David Stanford (Univ. of Western Ontario), and Al Vaisius (UBC Okanagan).

Supervised Students (since 2010):

  • MSc, Bonane Bhattacharja, 2011

      Thesis: A better numerical approach for finding the steady state waiting time and the average queue length of a system for the arithmetic GI/G/1.

  • MSc, Zafar Zafari, 2012

      Thesis: The exact tail asymptotics behaviour of the joint stationary distributions of the generalized JSQ model.

  • MSc, Cody Epema, 2015

      Thesis: Reparameterizaton of special contours for Boundary Value problems in queueing systems

  • PhD, Ali Tirdad, 2015

      Thesis: Modeling the surge beds in the emergency department in Kelowna General Hospital by Markov decision process and queueing theory.

  • Msc, Morgan Roosenmaallen, in progress

      Thesis: An optimization problem on simultaneous group equation and its application in nucleic acid conformation space.

  • PhD, Araz Sholehkerder, in progress

      Thesis: Image processing.