Most Recent Teaching (2014-2016):

General Topology
Topics in Topology and Data
Topics in Algebra
Queueing Theory
Stochastic Processes
Fuzzy Set Theory
Abstract Algebra, Ring Theory, Galois Theory
Calculus I, II, II, IV

Previously Taught Undergraduate Courses:

Statistics, Calculus, Discrete Math, Euclidean Geometry, Real Analysis, Linear Algebra, Galois Theory, Set Theory, Differential Equations, Number Theory, General Topology, Mathematical Logic, Business Mathematics, Rings and Modules, Probability Theory, Finite Mathematics

Previously Taught Graduate Courses:
Advanced Algebra, Topos Theory, Group Theory, Lattice Theory, Sheaves in Geometry and Logic, Complex Manifolds and Riemann Surfaces, Finite Groups, Sheaf Theory, Stone Spaces, Algebraic Topology, Queueing Theory, Applied Probability and Random Walks, Homological Algebra, Category Theory, Commutative Algebra, Ring Theory, Fuzzy Set Theory, Stochastic Processes