Advanced Biofabrication Laboratory


Welcome to Advanced Biofabrication Laboratory at the University of British Columbia Okanagan Campus. Our lab focuses on the development of advanced platforms for fabricating complex tissue constructs and organs. We are doing highly interdisciplinary researches integrating engineering, science, and medicine for biomedical, pharmaceutical, and environmental applications.

Recent News

May 2016
Congratulations to Zongjie for defending his MASc thesis!

Feb. 2016

Congratulations to Roya for defending her MASc thesis!

Jan. 2016
IBMNL would like to welcome our new PhD Student Mohamed Gamal , MASc Student Sina Kheiri, MASc Student Meitham Amereh. We are excited to have Mohamed, Sina, and Meitham join us!

December 2015
Two IBMNL papers were accepted by Biofabrication and Biotechnoly and Bioengineering

November 2015
Kabilan Sakthivel joined our lab as a PhD student. Welcome Kabilan!

IBMNL would like to welcome undergraduate research students, Reid Wagner, Melissa LeRose, Mili Kakadiya, and Dela Hini.

September 2015
Towsif Hossain joined our lab as a Master student. Welcome Towsif!

October 2015
IBMNL presented posters at BMES Annual Meeting in Florida, USA and MicroTAS in South Korea

July 2015
Ru Dai joined our lab as Summer Research Intern through Mitacs Global Link Program. Welcome!

May 2015
Akash Boddeda joined our lab as Summer Research Internthrough IIT Initiative Scholarship Progam. Welcome!

Sep. 2014
Zongjie Wang (Master in applied science) and Raafa Abdulla (Workstudy program) joined our lab. Welcome!

May 2014
Ben Parker joined our lab as workstudy student.

Apr. 2014
IBMNL awared NSERC Discovery grant.

Jan. 2014
Roya Samanipour joined our lab as a master student in interdisciplinary graduate program.

July 1, 2013 

Integrated Bio-Micro/Nanotechnology Lab at UBC okanagan campus has been established.