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Welcome to the Chau Research Group at the Okanagan campus of the University of British Columbia!  We strive for mastery over light using materals created at the smallest size scales, an endeavor which requires a deep understanding of electromagnetics, optics, and materials science. Research highlights over the past years include a comprehensive study on radiation pressure using a fluid-dynamic/electrodynamic simulator, the theory, design, and fabrication of flat lenses at visible and UV frequencies, the development of new methods to measure radiation pressure and photo-thermal forces on micro-cantilevers in vacuum, and the discovery that thin metals can boost the transmission through dielectric layers.

Our specialized knowledge has catalyzed other technological developments, including new electro-mechanical flight simulators, plasmonic sensors for detecting deposition from crude oil, the first portable, solid-state, face-worn VO2 sensor, and a non-invasive blood pressure sensor. Students in the Chau Research Group gain high-technology skills in simulation, advanced fabrication, experimental design, and materials characterization, coupled with exposure to entrepreneurship through a resident entrepreneur. Students graduating from the Chau Research Group have gone on to become staff scientists, project managers, research engineers, and entrepreneurs. We are constantly looking for new recruits to join our ranks and become the next innovators and inventors of tomorrow. Contact Dr. Chau to learn more.