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Public Lectures
Kenneth J. Chau, "Playing Tricks with Light on Small Scales," TEDx UBC Okanagan, March 29, 2015. Video published on August 7, 2015.
Refereed Articles
Mohammed Al Shakhs, Lucian Augusto, Loic Markley, and Kenneth J. Chau, "Boosting the Transparency of Thin Layers by Coatings of Opposing Susceptibility: How Metals Help See Through Dielectrics," Scientific Reports 6, 20659 (2016).
*Profiled in the Vancouver Sun, the Ottawa Citizen, CBC Morning Break, and the Yale Scientific Magazine.
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Max Bethune-Waddell and Kenneth J. Chau, "Simulations of Radiation Pressure Experiments Narrow Down the Energy and Momentum of Light in Matter," Reports on Progress in Physics 78, 122401 (25pp) (2015). Download Link
Kenneth J. Chau, Mohammed H. Al Shakhs, and Peter Ott, "Fourier-Domain Electromagnetic Wave Theory for Layered Metamaterials of Finite Extent," Progress in Electromagnetics Research 40, 45-56 (2014). Download Link
Peter Ott, Mohammed H. Al Shakhs, Henri J. Lezec, and Kenneth J. Chau, "Flat Lens Criterion by Small-Angle Phase," Optics Express 22, 29340-29355 (2014). Download Link
Mohammed H. Al Shakhs, Peter Ott, and Kenneth J. Chau, "Band Diagrams of Layered Plasmonic Metamaterials," Journal of Applied Physics 116, 173101 (9pp) (2014). Download Link
Ting Xu, Maxim Abashin, Amit Agrawal, Kenneth J. Chau, and Henri J. Lezec, “All-angle negative refraction and active flat lensing of ultraviolet light,” Nature 497, 470-474 (2013).
*Profiled in Nature Physics 9, 323 (2013), Nature Photonics 7, 584 (2013), and
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R. Mehfuz, F. A. Chowdhury, and K. J. Chau, “Imaging slit-coupled surface plasmon polaritons using conventional optical microscopy," Optics Express 20, 10526-10537 (2012).
*Selected to The Virtual Journal for Biomedical Optics, volume 7, issue 7.
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Kenneth J. Chau and Henri J. Lezec, “Revisiting the Balazs thought experiment in the case of a left-handed material: electromagnetic-pulse-induced displacement of a dispersive, dissipative negative-index slab," Optics Express 20, 10138-10162 (2012). Download Link
F. A. Chowdhury and K. J. Chau, “Variable-Zoom Microscopy Using a Suspended Water Droplet," Journal of Optics 14, 055501 (12pp) (2012).
*Profiled in Nature Photonics 6, 418 (2012).
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S. Schaefer, S. A. Boehm, and K. J. Chau, “Automated, Portable, Low-Cost Bright-Field and Fluorescence Microscope with Auto-Focus and Auto-Scanning Capabilities," Applied Optics 51, 2581-2588 (2012).
*Selected to The Virtual Journal for Biomedical Optics, volume 7, issue 7.
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Kenneth J. Chau, “Homogenization of Waveguide-Based Metamaterials by Energy Averaging," Physical Review B 85, 125101 (12pp) (2012). Download Link
Kenneth J. Chau and Henri J. Lezec, “Revisiting the Balazs Thought Experiment in the Presence of Loss: Electromagnetic-Pulse-Induced Displacement of a Positive-Index Slab having Arbitrary Complex Permittivity and Permeability (Invited Paper)," Applied Physics A 105, 267-281 (2011). Download Link
S. Schaefer and K. J. Chau, “Improving the Signal Visibility of Optical-Disk-Drive Sensors by Analyte Patterning and Frequency-Domain Analysis," Measurement Science and Technology 22, 045302 (10pp) (2011). Download Link
M. W. Maqsood, R. Mehfuz, and K. J. Chau, “High-throughput diffraction-assisted surface-plasmon-polariton coupling by a super-wavelength slit," Optics Express 18, 21669-21677 (2010). Download Link
M. W. Maqsood, R. Mehfuz, and K. J. Chau, “Designing and optimizing a high-efficiency nano-scale 90° light-bending structure by mode selection and tailoring," Applied Physics Letters 97, 151111 (3pp) (2010).
*Selected to the October 18, 2010 issue of the Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science and Technology.
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R. Mehfuz, M. W. Maqsood, and K. J. Chau, "Enhancing the Efficiency of Slit-Coupling to Surface-Plasmon Polaritons via Dispersion Engineering," Optics Express 18, 18206-18216 (2010). Download Link
Y. Zheng, A. Johnson, E. Pyde, and K. J. Chau, “Particle-size effects on the terahertz transmittance of metallic particle ensembles: Comparison with effective medium theory,” Applied Physics Letters 96, 211111 (3pp) (2010). Download Link
Kenneth J. Chau, “Investigation of the chiral origins of electromagnetic activity,” Optics Letters 35, 1187-1189 (2010). Download Link
A. Y. Elezzabi, K. J. Chau, C. A. Baron, and P. Maraghechi, “A Plasmonic Random Composite with Atypical Refractive Index,” Optics Express 17, 1016-1022 (2009). Download Link
K. J. Chau, K. Rieckmann, and A. Y. Elezzabi, “Sub-Surface Probing of Terahertz Particle Plasmons,” Applied Physics Letters 90, 131114 (3pp) (2007). Download Link
K. J. Chau, M. C. Quong, and A. Y. Elezzabi, “Terahertz Time-domain Investigation of Axial Optical Activity from a Sub-Wavelength Helix,” Optics Express 15, 3557-3567 (2007). Download Link
K. J. Chau, Mark Johnson, and A. Y. Elezzabi, “Electron-Spin-Dependent Terahertz Light Transport in Spintronic-Plasmonic Media,” Physical Review Letters 98, 133901 (4pp) (2007). Download Link
K. J. Chau, C. Baron, and A. Y. Elezzabi, “Isotropic Photonic Magnetoresistance,” Applied Physics Letters 90, 121122 (3pp) (2007). Download Link
K. J. Chau, K. Rieckmann, and A. Y. Elezzabi, “Metallic Phase Transition Investigated via THz Time-domain Spectroscopy,” Applied Physics Letters 90, 041920 (3pp) (2007). Download Link
K. J. Chau and A. Y. Elezzabi, “Effect of Interface Resistance on Terahertz Pulses in Bimetallic Microparticles,” Physical Review B 73, 085419 (6pp) (2006). Download Link
K. J. Chau and A. Y. Elezzabi, “Photonic Anisotropic Magnetoresistance in Dense Co Particle Ensembles,” Physical Review Letters 96, 033903 (4pp) (2006). Download Link
K. J. Chau and A. Y. Elezzabi, “Terahertz transmission through ensembles of sub-wavelength size metallic particles,” Physical Review B 72, 075110 (9pp) (2005). Download Link
K. J. Chau, G. D. Dice, and A. Y. Elezzabi, “Coherent plasmonic enhanced terahertz transmission through random metallic media,” Physical Review Letters 94, 173904 (4pp) (2005). Download Link
K. J. Chau, A.L. Dechant, and A.Y. Elezzabi, “High-Bandwidth Terahertz Radiation from Ponderomotively-Accelerated Carriers using Bessel-Gauss Femtosecond Pulses,” Applied Physics Letters 86, 064106 (3pp) (2005).  Download Link
S. Mujumdar, K. J. Chau, and A.Y. Elezzabi, “Experimental and numerical investigation of terahertz transmission through strongly scattering sub-wavelength size spheres,” Applied Physics Letters 85, 6284-6286 (2004). Download Link
K. J. Chau and A. Y. Elezzabi, “Two-Dimensional Drift-Diffusion Analysis of Magnetic Field Enhanced THz Emission from Semiconductor Surfaces, Optics Communications 242, 295-304 (2004). Download Link
K. J. Chau, S. E. Irvine, and A. Y. Elezzabi, “A Gigahertz Surface Magneto-Plasmon Optical Modulator,” IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 40, 571-580 (2004). Download Link
P. O'Brien, K. Chau, K. Halliday, and J. Brinkerhoff, “Device for Measuring a User's Oxygen Consumption,” US Provisional Patent Application, filed in 2016.
V. Sieben, K. Chau, S. Molla, C. Libby, M. Al Shakhs, F. Mostowfi, and S. Anderson, “Method and Apparatus for Measuring Wax Appearance Temperature in Crude Oil Using Surface Plasmon Resonance,” US Provisional Patent Application, filed in 2016.
M. B. Johnson, A. Y. Elezzabi, and K. J. Chau, “Magnetic Spin Based Photonics/ Plasmonic Devices,” US Patent 7,978,394 (2011).
Graduate Theses
Samuel Schaefer, Colorimetric Water Quality Sensing with Mobile Smart Phones, MASc thesis (April, 2014).
*Nominated by UBC Okanagan for the 2014 Innovation in Technology Award.
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Reyad Mehfuz, Improving the Excitation Efficiency of Surface Plasmon Polaritons Near Small Apertures in Metallic Films, PhD thesis (November, 2013).
Examination Committee: Dr. Chau, Dr. Holzman, Dr. O'Leary, Dr. Bauschke, and
Dr. Berini (University of Ottawa).
*Nominated by the School of Engineering for the 2014 CAGS/UMI Distinguished Disseration Award.
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Faqrul Alam Chowdhury, Optofluidics for Microscopy and Sensing, MASc thesis (February, 2012). Download Link
Muhammad Waqas Maqsood, Metal Waveguides for Multi-Axial Light Guiding at Nanometer Scales, MASc thesis (November, 2011). Download Link
Undergraduate Projects
Kevin Kendal, Nathan Ink, and Robert Henke, “Portable Solar Power Station for Rural Ghana,” 2014 Capstone Design Project. Download Link
Stephen Boehm, Max Bethune-Waddell, and Michael Wiltshire, “A Wireless Camera Module,” 2013 Capstone Design Project. Download Link
Yannick Letailleur, Samuel Schaefer, and Aurelien Schilles, “Cell-Phone Colour Analyzer,” 2012 Capstone Design Project. Download Link