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Kenneth J. Chau, “Homogenization of Waveguide-Based Metamaterials by Energy Averaging," Physical Review B 85, 125101 (12pp) (2012). Download Link
Kenneth J. Chau and Henri J. Lezec, “Revisiting the Balazs Thought Experiment in the Presence of Loss: Electromagnetic-Pulse-Induced Displacement of a Positive-Index Slab having Arbitrary Complex Permittivity and Permeability (Invited Paper)," Applied Physics A 105, 267-281 (2011). Download Link
S. Schaefer and K. J. Chau, “Improving the Signal Visibility of Optical-Disk-Drive Sensors by Analyte Patterning and Frequency-Domain Analysis," Measurement Science and Technology 22, 045302 (10pp) (2011). Download Link
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Y. Zheng, A. Johnson, E. Pyde, and K. J. Chau, “Particle-size effects on the terahertz transmittance of metallic particle ensembles: Comparison with effective medium theory,” Applied Physics Letters 96, 211111 (3pp) (2010). Download Link
Kenneth J. Chau, “Investigation of the chiral origins of electromagnetic activity,” Optics Letters 35, 1187-1189 (2010). Download Link