Machine Shop

Durwin Bossy    Journeyman Red Seal Machinist / Mechanic

room: EME-0220
Tel: 250-807-8279

Raymond Seida    Journeyman Red Seal Machinist

room: EME-0211
Tel: 250-807-8440
Duties & Responsibilities:

Setup and operates a variety of machine tools to produce precision parts and instruments.  Fabricates, modifies, or repairs mechanical instruments.  Repairs machine tools and also maintains industrial machines.  Applies knowledge of mechanics, shop mathematics, metal properties, layout material from drawings, including the use of Mastercam to program the CNC machines to complete a wide variety of jobs in the shop using machining procedures.  The machine shop is set up to machine a large variety of materials such as steel, aluminum, super alloys, plastics and graphite.  Please keep in mind the shop is not set up to machine or fabricate large quantity jobs.  Major machines responsible for in the machine shop include:

o   12 watt micro milling laser center

o   Haas  UMC 750, 5 axis CNC Milling Center

o   Haas TM 1, 3 axis CNC Milling Machine

o   Haas TL 1 CNC Lathe

o   Omax waterjet machine

o   Kent KGHS 6384 AD surface grinder

o   2 Bridgeport milling machines

o   Advance metal lathe 16” Swing x 40” Long

o   IMA I-30 drill press

o   Mini lathe and mill

o   Tig & Mig welder

o   Metal Brakes

Mechanical Engineering

Alec Smith    B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering, P.Eng

room: EME-0215
Tel: 250-807-8535
Duties & Responsibilities:

Support for research labs for all mechanical equipment.  Support for undergrad labs including fluid mechanics, manufacturing processes, mechanics of materials and heat transfer.  Areas of Specialization Include: Offshore oil and gas exploration, development and production; Building envelope design and modelling; Renewable energy systems.

Praveen Rajan    B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering

room: EME-0211A
Tel: 250-807-9968
Duties & Responsibilities:

Supports undergraduate mechanical labs in the areas of heat transfer, HVAC, fluid machinery and manufacturing processes. Does prototype designing, building and basic machining related to mechanical engineering research. Areas of specialization include: Onshore oil and gas exploration, well intervention equipments.

Electrical Engineering

Emily Zhang    M.A.Sc, Electrical Power System and Automation

room: EME-0215
Tel: 250-807-8626
Duties & Responsibilities:

Responsible for the undergraduate electronics labs, including lab preparing, parts and equipment purchasing, equipment installation and maintenance, software testing, assistance with experiment design, TA trainings, lab safety.  Assisting with any research lab involving electrical components.

Tim Giesbrecht    Diploma Electronics Engineering Technology, AScT

room: EME-0215
Tel: 250-807-9024
Duties & Responsibilities:

Supports undergraduate and research laboratories mainly in the field of Electrical Engineering.  Works with all School of Engineering departments to maintain, troubleshoot and repair a wide variety of laboratory equipment both electronic/electrical and mechanical.  Does basic metal fabrication in the school machine shop using the waterjet cutter, milling machine, lathe and other machine shop equipment.  Areas of specialization include: electronics and electrical repair, electrical panel layout, fabrication and wiring(eg. for CSA inspection), microcontrollers (Arduino, PIC), circuit design.

Marc Nadeau    B.Sc. Physics & Astronomy, Diploma Electronics Engineering Technology

room: EME-3255
Tel: 250-807-9580
Duties & Responsibilities:

Lab Manager - Technical Support Group.  Oversee the various support activities at the SoE undergrad and research labs. Areas of specialization include: rapid electronics prototyping, high-speed fibre optic communications, RF & microwave circuits, antenna systems, analog, digital & embedded microcontroller applications, PCB design & surface mount assembly. 

Aria Fani    Bachelor of Technology in Electronics, Diploma of Electronics Engineering Technology (Telecommunications & Power)

room: EME-0211A
Tel: 250-807-8231
Duties & Responsibilities:

Preparing and maintaining electronics labs for the purpose of research and development, purchasing and ordering electronics parts and equipment, assisting in design and building electromechanical test jigs, supervising and training employees and students in support of their lab projects, ensuring compliance with work safety regulation, implementing and developing test procedures in hardware and software.

Jiyee Yoon    Diploma of Electronics Engineering Technology 

room: EME-0211A
Tel: 250-807-8568
Duties & Responsibilities:

Supports undergraduate and research laboratories in the field of Electroncis.  Works with all School of Engineering departments to maintain, troubleshoot and repair a wide variety of laboratory equipment.  Areas of specialization include: electronics assembly & 3D printers.

Civil Engineering

Michelle Tofteland    Diploma Chemical Technology

room: EME-0215
Tel: 250-807-9364
Duties & Responsibilities:

Supports undergraduate and research laboratories in the field of chemistry/environmental engineering.  Assist researchers with chemical preparation, disposal and lab safety.  Specialize in Hydrofluoric Acid training and usage.

Luis Diaz    Diploma Water Engineering Technology 

room: EME-0215
Tel: 250-807-8197
Duties & Responsibilities:

Supports undergraduate labs, including materials science, fluid mechanics and open channel flow. Repair, maintenance and installation of equipment in civil engineering research labs.  Also experienced in fieldwork for sampling, measurements and handheld equipment related to water and soil 

Kim Nordstrom    Diploma Civil Engineering Technology

room: EME-0215
Tel: 250-807-9778
Duties & Responsibilities:

Supports undergraduate, research students with their labs and projects. Repairs, maintains and operates, School of Engineering equipment.
Good working knowledge of CSA, ASTM and AASHTO test procedures with respect of Geotechnical engineering, soils and materials testing.  25 years of Industry experience in Civil, Geotechnical Engineering, Materials testing, and legal surveying.

David Zinz    B.Sc. Chemistry, P.Chem., SoE Safety Lead

room: EME-0220
Tel: 250-807-8047
Duties & Responsibilities:

Support for research and undergraduate labs in the areas of chemistry, chemical and environmental engineering. Provide chemical related support for the School of Engineering, including all safety aspects. Areas of specialization: lab instrumentation maintenance and repairs, general and pipeline corrosion mechanism, corrosion inhibitors, and corrosion testing, drilling and completion fluids, emulsion chemistries. Manages the Applied Micro & Nanosystems Facility (AMNF).