Video has provided me with many opportunities to step out
of my box. I particularly enjoy collaborating with artists of all kinds.
I find their creativity and verve truly exciting!

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OUC Memoirs
Make Me Believe
Arcadia Revisited
Besame Mucho
OUC Memoirs video
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Trying to capture the full history of an institution like Okanagan University College is a task only the foolhardy would embark on. I was there for a very long time, and tried my best to tell the story
...only time will tell if I even got close. Ross Freake wrote the book, and Margo Yacheshyn designed it.
Guenter Schulz and En Esch, formerly of KMFDM, started the band Slick Idiot. It was my pleasure to help them make this music video for their first album.
In 1999 Byron Johnston created a beautiful exhibition called Arcadia Revisted, seen here in the Kelowna Art Gallery. It was hard to pull myself away!
Mario, Jorge, Everaldo and Usvaldo played this lovely song at a wedding in Varadero, Cuba. Music is everywhere, and you just can't help moving to the sensual Latin beats.