My many years of ski-patrolling and first aid taught me a lot
about caring for others. I consider it a privilege, if not a duty, to
help people to live healthy and happier lives. I'm very happy
that my work gives me this opportunity!

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Caring For Seniors
Central Okanagan Hospice House
Central Okanagan Hospice House
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The Central Okanagan Hospice House provides individuals who are dying, and their families, with high-quality hospice palliative care in a tranquil home-like setting where patients are encouraged to “live until they die”.
It is a home away from home, designed to bestow death with dignity. The primary goal of all Hospice staff, professional and volunteer, is to help meet the patient’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs and make their last days meaningful, comfortable, peaceful and serene.
(Click on the picture above to see the 17 minute video.)
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PALS - Partners Assisting Local Seniors is a wonderful new IHA program in the Okanagan. It teaches people who regularly come in contact with seniors how to recognize and help one at risk.
Interior Health is struggling to provide services for an ever-increasing senior population. This video shows some of the available options, emphasizing choice and dignity.