Promotional videos are always a challenge, but they
can also be a lot of fun. Often they provide plenty of
opportunities for learning, and adventure as well.

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Kamahana 13
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I made this video for OUC in the late 90's. It's been used ever since to promote us at a variety of locations and events, until the end of OUC in 2005. Check out my video for the new Okanagan College here.
This video features the building of Skyreach Place, and in particular, the concrete structures built by Advance Precast in Kelowna.
The Canadian School of Ballet has a summer program in Kelowna for Japanese students. OUC was a partner in this, providing our conference services for their stay. This is 1/2 of the original Japanese video.
In 1996 my father was selling his condo in Kauai. I was lucky to get this job! Producing a sales video in one of the most scenic places on earth was a dream-come-true!