Andrew Veale
Department of Biology
University of British Columbia
Okanagan Campus
3333 University Way
Kelowna, British Columbia V1V 1V7
Andrew Veale
2014- Postdoctoral Fellow
Biology, University of British Columbia (Okanagan)
2013 Doctor of Philosophy
  Ecology, University of Auckland (New Zealand)
2009 Bachelor of Arts
  Philosophy/English, University of Auckland (New Zealand)
2007 Master of Science (Hon. 1st Class)
Biology, University of Auckland (New Zealand)
2004 Bachelor of Science
Biology, University of Auckland (New Zealand)
Research Interests
  • Using molecular approaches to inform ecological conservation
  • Wildlife population genetics
  • Evolutionary biology
  • Genetic basis for molecular adaptation
  • Invasive species management
Recent publications
  • Veale A.J., Edge, K-A, McMurtrie P., Fewster R.M., Clout M.N. Gleeson D.M. (2013) Using genetic techniques to quantify reinvasion, survival and in-situ breeding rates during control/eradication operations. Molecular Ecology. 22, 5071-5083
  • King C.M., Veale A.J., B Patty, L Hayward (2014) Swimming capabilities of stoats and the threat to inshore sanctuaries. Biological Invasions. 16, 987-995
  • Veale A.J. McMurtrie P., Edge K-A., Clout M.N. (In Press) The effects of mice on stoats in southern beech forests. Austral Ecology. DOI: AEC12161
  • Veale A.J., Williams L., Tsai P., Thakur V., Lavery S.D. (2014) The complete mitochondrial genomes of two chiton species (Sypharochiton pelliserpentis and Sypharochiton sinclairi) obtained using Illumina next generation sequencing. Mitochondrial DNA. (online early)
  • Veale A.J. (2013) Observations of stoats (Mustela erminea) swimming. New Zealand Journal of Zoology. 40, 166-169
  • Veale A.J., Lavery S.D. (2012) The population genetic structure of the intertidal waratah anemone (Actinia tenebrosa) around New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research 46, 523-536
  • Veale A.J., Clout M.N., Gleeson D.M. (2012). Genetic population assignment reveals a long-distance incursion to an island by a stoat (Mustela erminea). Biological Invasions. 14, 735-742
  • Veale A.J., Hannaford O.D., Russell J.C., Clout M.N. (2012) Modelling the distribution of stoats on New Zealand offshore islands. New Zealand Journal of Ecology 36, 38-47
  • Veale A.J., Lavery S.D. (2011) Phylogeography of the snakeskin chiton Sypharochiton pelliserpentis (Mollusca: Polyplacophora) around New Zealand: are seasonal near-shore upwelling events a dynamic barrier to gene flow? Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 104, 552–563.
  • Using genomic and epigenetic techniques to define stocks and assess adaptation and introgression for kokanee salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka).