Danielle Schmidt
Department of Biology
University of British Columbia
Okanagan Campus
3247 University Way
Kelowna, British Columbia V1V 1V7
Danielle Schmidt
2017- MSc Candidate
Biology, University of British Columbia (Okanagan)
2016 Bachelor of Science, Honors
Zoology, North Carolina State University
Research Interests
  • Landscape Genetics
  • Using genetic tools to inform conservation management
  • Species adaptation to climate change
Recent publications
  • Jandricic, S. E., Schmidt, D., Bryant, G., & Frank, S. D. (2016). Non-consumptive predator effects on a primary greenhouse pest: Predatory mite harassment reduces western flower thrips abundance and plant damage. Biological Control 95: 5-12.
  • Heinen-Kay, J.L., Schmidt, D.A., Stafford, A.T., Costa, M.T., Peterson, M.N., Kern, E.M.A. and Langerhans, R.B. (2016). Predicting multifarious behavioural divergence between predation regimes in the wild. Animal Behaviour 121: 3-10.
  • Evaluating the extent and distribution of genetic variation in Western Rattlesnake populations across British Columbia to identify potential barriers to gene flow
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