MSc thesis

Human modification of the environment, including large-scale habitat conversion and soaring greenhouse gas emissions, pose major threats to global biological diversity. Maintaining species’ ability to persist in changing environments ultimately means preserving genetic variation underlying ecologically important traits. Work in our lab is at the interface of ecology and evolution, investigating the genetics of adaptation, life history variation, speciation, population history and phylogeography. Projects feature organisms spanning a wide taxonomic breadth, including freshwater fish and wildlife species of varying conservation status, and are geared towards addressing issues of immediate local, regional and global concern.


Lab people


Mar. 2021: Congratulations to both Danielle and Bryson for passing their PhD comprehensive exams and advancing to candidacy.  Congratulations to Farida Samad-zada for successfully defending her MSc thesis entitled "Genome-wide analysis to investigate patterns of ecotype divergence, population structure and life history changes in deep-spawning sockeye salmon, Oncorhynchus nerka"  .

Dec. 2020:  Congratulations to both Bryson and Danielle for passing their PhD proposal defenses.   

Nov. 2020:  A new paper published in PLOS ONE provides the first reference assembly of the sockeye salmon genome and uses transciptome data and whole genome re-sequencing to better annotate features of the assembly, characterize population structure, and investigate the genetic basis of ecotype variation.

Oct. 2020:  A new paper published in Biological Invasions employs population genomics to infer geographic origins and timing of brown rat invasions of the Haida Gwaii archipelago to inform

Aug. 2020: A new paper published in Molecular Phylogenetics & Evolution employs phylogenomics to reveal novel relationships among Neotropical crocodiles.

Lab people (from left to right): (top row) Bryson Sjodin, Michael Russello, Sarah Lu Chang; (middle row) Brock Burgess, Chris Setzke, Danielle Schmidt; (bottom row) Farida Samad-zada.