Mike Russello

Department of Biology
The University of British Columbia
Okanagan Campus
3247 University Way, FIP346
Kelowna, British Columbia V1V 1V7
Phone: (250) 807-8762
Fax: (250) 807-8005

Michael A. Russello, PhD
2003 Doctor of Philosophy (with distinction)
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Columbia University
2002 Advance Certificate in Environmental Policy
Columbia University
1997 Bachelor of Arts, Biology cum laude
University of San Diego
2016 - Professor (tenure)
  Biology, University of British Columbia (Okanagan)
2015 - Associate Head (Graduate Studies & Research)
  Biology, University of British Columbia (Okanagan)
2013 Sarah & Daniel Hrdy Fellow of Conservation Biology
  Organismic & Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University
2011- Associate Professor (tenure)
  Biology, University of British Columbia (Okanagan)
2008-2009 Acting Director
  Centre for Species at Risk and Habitat Studies,
  University of British Columbia (Okanagan)
2006-2011 Assistant Professor
  Biology, University of British Columbia (Okanagan)
2003-2006 Postdoctoral Fellow
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Yale University
1998-2003 Doctoral Fellow
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Columbia University
Seletcted affiliations
  • Associate Editor, Conservation Genetics
  • Associate Editor, PLoS ONE
  • Member, COSEWIC Amphibians & Reptiles Specialist Subcommittee
  • Member, Biodiversity Research Centre (UBC)
  • Member, The Okanagan Institute for Biodiversity, Resilience, and Ecosystem Services (UBCO)
Selected funding sources
  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
  • Canadian Foundation for Innovation
  • Genome British Columbia
  • National Geographic Society
  • Wildlife Conservation Society
Selected recent publications
  • Veale, A. and M. Russello (2017) Genomic changes associated with reproductive and migratory ecotypes in sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka). Genome Biology and Evolution 9: 2921–2939.
  • Veale, A. and M. Russello (2017) An ancient selective sweep linked to reproductive life history evolution in sockeye salmon. Scientific Reports 7: 1747.
  • Waterhouse, M., C. Blair, K. Larsen and M. Russello (2017) Genetic variation and fine-scale population structure in American pika across a human-modified landscape. Conservation Genetics 18: 825–835.
  • Jensen, E., A. Mooers, A. Caccone and M. Russello (2016) Incorporating evolutionary isolation and complementarity in ranking giant Galápagos tortoises for conservation using genetic networks. PeerJ 4:e2350; DOI 10.7717/peerj.2350
  • Veale, A. and M. Russello (2016) Sockeye salmon repatriation leads to population re-establishment, and rapid introgression with native kokanee. Evolutionary Applications 9: 1301–1311.
  • Lemay, M. and M. Russello (2015) Genetic evidence for early ecological divergence in kokanee. Molecular Ecology 24: 798–811.
  • Russello, M., M. Waterhouse, P. Etter and E. Johnson (2015) From promise to practice: pairing non-invasive sampling with genomics in conservation. PeerJ 3: e1106 (18 pages).
Dr. Russello on Espanola Island