Chemistry 415
Advanced Organic Chemistry Laboratory

Paul Shipley
Science Room #203a (for the moment)

Location Science Room #231
Prerequisites Two of Chem 330 (OUC Chem 316), Chem 333 (OUC Chem 314), Chem 317 (OUC Chem 317) and Chem 413 (OUC Chem 315), or permission of the instructor
Required supplies
  1. Fourth Year Organic Lab Manual - from this web site or I'll make a copy for you
  2. Lab book - same as all of your other advanced classes, you can continue to use your current one
  3. Lab Coat and Safety Goggles - both obtainable from the bookstore
Sources of information
  1. Carrie and Sundberg - Advanced Organic Chemistry parts A and B (I have a copy of this, and I think the library does as well)
  2. Jerry March's Organic Chemistry (you should have a copy of this by now)
  3. Zubrik is handy too.
  4. The current literature
Lab report #1 40%
Lab report #2 40%
Lab examination (two hour written exam) 20%
Important Dates
Introduction sections of both papers, and lab book check October 17
Introduction, Discussion to date, experimental to date, and lab book check November 14
Final examination November 28
Papers due December 12
Report Marking The reports will be marked three times during the semester, to help keep you on track. You will first turn in the introductory section of the paper and have your lab book checked over on the 17th of October for 10% of the mark for each paper. The second deadline is for the introduction, the discussion section (which will not be complete), experimentals for all experiments completed, and a lab book check for 25% of the mark for each paper. Finally, the full paper is due on the 12th.
Late policy Reports (and fragments thereof) are due before 2:30 on their due dates. Reports handed in after 2:30 will be docked 10%, and 10% per day after that. I will be following this strictly. In trade for this hard line I promise to have everything back to you a week from when you hand it in.
Academic Misconduct Cheating and plagiarism both constitute academic misconduct, which may carry penalties as severe as a mark of zero for the entire course and permanent expulsion from the university. For a complete description of policies on academic misconduct. Please refer to the following page describing academic integrity at UBC Okanagan and the appropriate section of Chapter V of the UBC Calendar.,54,111,0
Disability Services If you require disability related accommodations to meet the course objectives please contact the Coordinator of Disability Resources located in the Student development and Advising area of the student services building. For more information about Disability Resources or about academic accommodations please visit the website at