Organic Chemistry I

Chem 212

Professor Dr. Paul Shipley, Science room #213
Contact information email:, web site at, or by phone at local 79576.
Prerequisite Chem 121 (or Chem 122 with at least 65%)
Course Schedule MWF 11:30-12:20 Arts Building Room #118
Office hours Come by my office, or you can reach me by phone or email and we can set up an appointment.
Laboratory sections Science building, room 231. Lab sections begin the week of September 10th with an introductory session.
Required supplies
  1. Organic Chemistry 3rd Ed., Bruice, P.Y. (2001)
  2. The Organic Chem Lab Survival Manual, Zubrick, J.W., 4th Ed., (1997)
  3. Chemistry 212/222 Lab Manual - 00/01, Neeland, E. (2000)
  4. Lab book, as described in the above lab manual
  5. Molecular model kit (and you thought lincoln logs were fun)
  6. Lab coat to protect your nice new blue jeans (and the legs beneath them)
  7. Safety goggles, don't leave home without them!
10% quizzes
12.5% Midterm #1
12.5% Midterm #2
25% Laboratory
40% Final Exam
Major incentive If you achieve a score on the second exam that is 20% higher than your first, the second exam will be weighted higher.
Your grades in the laboratory and lecture sections must each exceed 50% in order to receive credit for this course.
Absences If you miss an exam or a laboratory section, you will not be allowed to retake or redo the assignment unless you can prove that you had a valid reason for your absence. A valid reason would be a documented illness, death in your family, a car accident on the way to class (please don't run into a tree on your way to school to postpone an exam), or some similar emergency that you are able to document (photos of the car after the wreck will be posted on the web page). Invalid reasons would include breaking up with your girlfriend/boyfriend, an unmissable curling match, a bad hair day, I think you get the picture