Chemistry 415
Advanced Organic Chemistry Laboratory

Paul Shipley
Science Room #213
Local 79576

Location Science Room #231
Prerequisites Two of Chem 314, 315, 316, and 317
Required supplies
  1. Fourth Year Organic Lab Manual - from this web site or I'll make a copy for you
  2. Lab book - same as all of your other advanced classes, you can continue to use your current one
  3. Lab Coat and Safety Goggles - both obtainable from the bookstore
Sources of information
  1. Carrie and Sundberg - Advanced Organic Chemistry parts A and B (I have a copy of this, and I think the library does as well)
  2. Jerry March's Organic Chemistry (you should have a copy of this by now)
  3. Zubrik is handy too.
  4. The current literature
  5. Well, since y'all already have it anyways, the heq paper.
Lab report #1 20%
Lab report #2 30%
Lab report #3 30%
Lab examination (two hour written exam) 20%

Lab reports are due by the time I go home two weeks from the end of the last part of the lab.
Scheduling We've decided (Steve and I) that since there are only two sections of 415 this year we could probably work to make your lives easier by alternating the classes. Each of us will do two weeks on, two weeks off, alternating. The first two weeks are organic (chosen totally randomly, based on the mood Steve and I were in this morning). I will see all of your bright shining faces on Monday, September 8th.