Chemistry 315 Presentations


Presentations will be added to the site as I receive them and get them in a postable format (this will be quicker for files on disk than scanning, but I'll get both done).





January 24 Me Enterocin
February 5 Ashley, Jason, and Dan Lovastatin
February 7 Nav and Steph Parthenolide
February 12 Charmaine and Anna Artemisinin
February 14 Stefani and Robb Ginkgolides
February 26 Kevin and Kathy Podophyllotoxin
February 28 Martin and Harj Rotenone
March 5 Erin and Freya Rifamycin
March 7 Mel and Kristy Oleandomycin
March 12 Kara and Shiela Mithramycin
March 14 Mike and Nate Epibatidine
March 19 Tamara and Helen Tubocurarine
March 21 Kerri and Court Vinblastine
March 26 Jeff and Justin Lobeline
March 28 Danielle and Chelsea Berberine
April 2 Liz and Elena Ergotamine