Schedule for Bio-organic Chemistry
Winter 2003


Topic Reading

Section 1.1 (yes, I know you don't have the textbook...)

"The Influence of Natural Products upon Drug Discovery"

The Process

Section 1.4

Second year textbook sections on structure elucidation.

Common Reaction Mechanisms

Sections 1.2 and 1.3

2nd year textbook sections on:

Aldol/Claisen condensations, nucleophilic attack on carbonyls, eliminations, formation of amides, nucleophilic substitutions, carbocation rearrangements

Polyketides and Fatty Acid Derivatives

Chapters 2 and 3 (3 more important)

"Polyketide Biosynthesis: A Millennium Review"


Chapter 4

"The Biosynthesis of C5-C25 Terpenoid Compounds"

Shikimate Metabolites

Chapter 5

"The Biosynthesis of Shikimate Metabolites"

"Genes and Enzymes Involved in Deoxysugar Biosynthesis in Bacteria"

Chapter 6

"The Biosynthesis of Plant Alkaloids and Nitrogenous Microbial Metabolites"

"Tropane Alkaloid Biosynthesis. A Century Old Problem Unresolved"

"Do Mammals Make their own Morphine?"

"Alkaloids from Frog Skin: The Discovery of Epibatidine and the Potential for Developing Non-Opiod Analgesics"


Second year texbook sections on peptide biosynthesis.

"Lantibiotics: Biosynthesis, Mode of Action and Applications"

"Thiazole and Oxazole Peptides: Biosynthesis and Molecular Machinery"

Chemical Ecology

Chapter 7

"Twenty-Five Years of Chemical Ecology" (this paper is fascinating, and well worth reading in its entirety)