Bioorganic Chemistry

Chem 315

Professor Dr. Paul Shipley, Science room #213
Contact information email:, web site at, or by phone at local 79576.
Prerequisite Chem 222
Course Schedule MWF 12:30-1:30, Science Building room 234
Office hours Come by my office, or you can reach me by phone or email and we can set up an appointment.
Laboratory sections Science building, Thursdays from 2:30 to 6:20, room 231. Lab sections begin January 23rd.
Required supplies
  1. Chemical Aspects of Biosynthesis, Mann, J (1994) - Due to OUC entering the information age, this is not yet in the bookstore.
  2. Chemistry 315 Course Pack, Selected articles from the Journal of Natural Products.
  3. Second year organic chemistry textbook - your favorite. If you sold yours, shame on you! (you can borrow one from me).
  4. Lab book
  5. Safety goggles, don't leave home without them! - Nice goggles are available from the CCU
20% Paper & presentation
20% Midterm
20% Laboratory, half for interim reports, half for the final report
40% Final Exam
Your grades in the laboratory and lecture sections must each exceed 50% in order to receive credit for this course.
Absences If you miss an exam or a laboratory section, you will not be allowed to retake or redo the assignment unless you can prove that you had a valid reason for your absence. A valid reason would be a documented illness, death in your family, a car accident on the way to class (please don't run into a tree on your way to school to postpone an exam), or some similar emergency that you are able to document (photos of the car after the wreck will be posted on the web page). Invalid reasons would include breaking up with your girlfriend/boyfriend, an unmissable curling match, a bad hair day, I think you get the picture