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resource of the month
To Improve the Academy: Resources for Faculty, Instructional, and Organizational Development, Volume 31

James E. Groccia (Editor)
Laura Cruz (Associate Editor)

Chapter 14-
Time to Raise Questions About Student Ratings
by Linda B. Nilson

This resource is available for loan from the Centre.

scholarly teaching

SoTL Literature Annotations: New Web Resource!

The website compiles key literature on SoTL topics to support postsecondary scholars and students from across all disciplines to improve their practice or conduct research pertaining to these topics. Each entry comprises a topic heading, a brief overview of the topic, and a short list of annotated key literature, highlighting ongoing debates in the literature.
More Information

Coming in MAY

May 2
Teaching Portfolios


Festival of Learning

June 6-10, 2016
Delta Villa Hotel, Burnaby

A variety of events will occur during the week in the areas of course design, open education, SoTL, learning technologies, learning space design, leadership in faculty development and social activities.
More information

Vancouver Island TBL Institute
More Rigor and More Fun with Team-Based Learning

May 17 and 19
Nanaimo, BC

If your goal as teacher is to raise the intellectual bar for students, and foster in them greater independence of thinking, you might be ready to join the growing group of VIU faculty members now using Team-Based Learning.

Banff Symposium on SoTL

Proposals Due: May 8

The Institute for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) at Mount Royal University invites you to submit proposals to our 7th annual Symposium on SoTL, Nov 10-12, 2016. 

Full conference details here

communities of practice

The UBC Okanagan, Centre for Teaching and Learning, operates a number of Communities of Practice from September to March. All faculty are welcome to join. Please contact the appropriate person if you are interested in joining or attending.

Adjunct / Sessional

Bill Latta

Experiential Learning
Heather Hurren

Team Based Learning
Heather Hurren

Teaching Large Classes
Heather Hurren

Teaching Online
Janine Hirtz

Critical Thinking
Janine Hirtz

Janine Hirtz

Vania Chan

ctl tEAM

Michelle Lamberson, PhD
Acting Director

Heather Hurren, M.Ed
Manager, Academic Development

Tricia Lalli, B.A.
Centre for Teaching and Learning Support

Lynne McPherson
Communication and Teaching Evaluation Coordinator

John Parry, M.Ed
Coordinator, Graduate and Teaching Assistant Programming

Janine Hirtz, M.A.(Education)
e-Learning Instructional Support Specialist

Vania Chan, B.Sc., M.A. (Candidate)
e-Learning Instructional Support Specialist

Brian Powell,
M.A. (Applied Linguistics)

e-Learning Instructional Support Specialist

Bill Latta, B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed
Learning Instructional Support Specialist

Twitter @UBCOCTL

CTL Blog





12th Annual Learning Conference



Register Now!!
Registration is now open for UBC Okanagan 12th Annual Learning Conference
May 4 & 5, 2016

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Linda Nilson
Address: Ensuring and Assessing the Learning in Authentic Experiential Learning

Linda B. Nilson is founding director of the Office of Teaching Effectiveness and Innovation (OTEI) at Clemson University and author of Teaching at Its Best: A Research-Based Resource for College Instructors, soon to be in its fourth edition, The Graphic Syllabus and the Outcomes Map: Communicating Your Course, Creating Self-Regulated Learners: Strategies to Strengthen Students’ Self-Awareness and Learning Skills, and Specifications Grading: Restoring Rigor, Motivating Students, and Saving Faculty Time.

UBC's Okanagan campus, 12th Annual Learning Conference theme is Engaging and Learning in Authentic Environments. Our program includes 35 different interactive sessions, including 6 roundtable sessions for the second day luncheon. We host a wine tasting event after the first day’s sessions (number of participants is limited, so register early). This year’s topics include flexible, and flipped learning environments, technology use in the classroom, team-based learning strategies, service learning, active learning and exercise in the classroom. Check out the complete program here.

Presenters are from University of New Brunswick, Thompson Rivers University, McMaster University, Arizona State University, Florida Gulf Coast University, East Carolina University, Okanagan College, UBC Okanagan and UBC Vancouver.
Come and join us for an exciting two days of sharing about teaching and learning in higher education!
Registration is $150.00 for the two day experience including two lunches and refreshment snacks during both days. UBC faculty are free.
Register here

Student Evaluation of Teaching




The Student Evaluation of Teaching surveys will be opened to students on March 25.

Every student at UBC’s Okanagan campus is encouraged to complete a quick, confidential questionnaire about teaching effectiveness in their courses this term. 

The online evaluation website for the Okanagan campus (https://eval.ctlt.ubc.ca/okanagan) will be open for student participation from March 25 to April 10, 2016. 

2017-18 Aspire Learning & Teaching (ALT) Fund Call for Proposals

The Provost of The University of British Columbia Okanagan Campus, in collaboration with the Deans Council, invites proposals to the 2017-18 Aspire Learning & Teaching (ALT) Fund. Now in its second year, the ALT Fund supports curriculum change, innovative teaching practices and learning environment enhancement as envisioned in Aspire. The fund will enable faculty members to make strategic changes within existing, or implement new, undergraduate and graduate academic programs that are more flexible, interdisciplinary, experiential and/or collaborative. The main goal of the ALT Fund is to transform student learning at UBC Okanagan.

Please visit the ALT Fund website for more detail: https://altfund.ok.ubc.ca 

Teaching Portfolios

Mon, April 18, 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM or Mon, May 2, 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Location: SCI 331
Facilitated by: Heather Hurren, Manager, Academic Development

Participants will review over contents and purpose of the teaching portfolio.
Register Now

Grade Centre Drop-In Sessions

Location: SCI 200

Tue, April 5 1:30 PM-3:30 PM
Fri, April 8 10:00 AM-11:00 AM
Tue, April 12 1:30 PM-3:30 PM
Thu, April 14 10:00 AM-11:00 AM
Tue, April 19 1:30 PM-3:30 PM
Thu, April 21 10:00 AM-11:00 AM
Tue, April 26 1:30 PM-3:30 PM
Wed, April 27 10:00 AM-11:00 AM

These drop in sessions will focus on your individual needs for setting up your grade centre for the purpose of calculating student grades.  E-learning support specialists can also assist you with formatting your excel spreadsheet for uploading final grades to FSC (Faculty Service Centre). Please bring your laptop if you have one.

Course (Re) Design Seminar

May 9-12
9:00am - 3:00pm daily
Seminar Leaders: The CTL Team
Location: LIB306

Apply now-Deadline April 22

Faculty are invited to participate in the course (re)design process to refresh a course they currently teach or create a new course with the design process that we will facilitate/provide. The seminar requires a 4-day commitment with whole group instructional sessions followed by small group/team planning sessions, working on a different course aspect each day covering content, learning outcomes, instructional strategies and assessment processes. Individual faculty or course teams may be interested in this opportunity to design a new course or revitalize an existing one. 

The seminar is modeled on a research-based course design process that focuses on learning-centered instruction and constructive alignment. Learning-centered instruction requires that decisions are made with specific reference to the kind of learning that is desired and strategies are chosen because they are the most likely to support that kind of learning. Educative assessment ensures that assessment leads to further learning with more emphasis given to formative rather than summative assessment. Constructive alignment aims to coordinate all the components of the course - content, objectives, strategies and assessment - so that one component reflects another.

Participants will be expected to share their product at various times throughout the seminar (5-10 min lessons/presentations on small samples of their course). 

Take the opportunity to focus on designing your course with CTL staff and colleagues at hand for consultation! Participants will be asked to focus on one course throughout the seminar, but the knowledge gained will assist you in refreshing or creating other courses you teach. 

For more information about the seminar, contact Heather Hurren 807-9288 or heather.hurren@ubc.ca 

Indigenizing the Curriculum 3-Day Workshop –
May 16-18, 2016

The University of the Fraser Valley is hosting a three-day workshop, Indigenizing the Curriculum, to provide strategies and techniques to address the absence of Indigenous ways of knowing and history in the curriculum. For the most part, faculty members agree that being more inclusive in their teaching provides a greater depth of learning for students, however, most are unsure how this can be done. At times, the fear of making a mistake prevents faculty members from including this information.  More than just having a reading or guest speaker, to indigenize the curriculum is to weave this material throughout the course.
In this hands-on, three-day workshop, participants will be provided the opportunity to experience aspects of Indigenous culture, traditions, scholarship and learning strategies that can be incorporated into a wide variety of courses and programs. 

Date: May 16 – 18, 2016, UFV Abbotsford Campus, 33844 King Road, Abbotsford, BC. V2S 7M8

Cost: $349 for visitors to UFV. Space is limited.
To register, please contact tlcevents@ufv.ca

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