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Top Ten Games of All Time

In my opinion, here are the top ten games of all time on various computer systems. The ranking is strongly affected by my own personal experiences and memories playing the games and often has very little to do with the quality of the games themselves!

  1. Civilization I/II
    - Sid Meier's game of global conquest through the ages of time.
    - A highly addictive game which is slightly different every time.
  2. Jumpman
    - The 1984 platform game for the C64 where a stick-like Jumpman must collect orange "bombs" in a variety of mazes and puzzles.
    - Although the graphics are very simple, the gameplay is extremely challenging and exciting even by modern standards.
  3. Bard's Tale I
    - Bard's Tale was the first in a trilogy of fantasy games. It has good graphics and challenging puzzles.
    - My favorite fantasy game on the C64 despite the tediousness of mapping dungeons.
  4. Colonial Conquest
    - A very simple game of world conquest for the C64 that allows up to 6 users to play against each other or the computer. The war can be set in 1880 or 1914, and the user can select the countries: USA, Russia, Japan, Germany, France, or Britain. The forces are simply divided into army and navy forces. Some bribing and spying is allowed.
    -This game makes the top ten not because it was an outstanding strategy game. The graphics are not great and the gameplay is rather simplistic. However, it is very addicting especially with multiple players. I remember spending a whole summer in Grade 9 or 10 playing this game with Cory Wall and Richard Bell. For that reason alone, it makes the top 10...
  5. Lords of Conquest
    - A multi-player strategy game of controlling territories and resources. By combining gold, iron, coal, and trees, players build boats, weapons, and cities.
    - Although Lords of Conquest is a relatively simple strategy game, it was amazing fun with multiple players especially when players can gang up on each other during fights. Another conquest game that was played repeatedly by my friends and I.
  6. Heroes of Might & Magic Series
    - Heroes of Might & Magic is a fantasy conquest game where you lead your armies of mystical creatures in single adventures or epic campaigns.
    - I love strategy, conquest games and the fantasy creatures that make up the armies. Campaigns are mini-stories which deeply involve the player into the action.
  7. Master of Orion II
    - A space conquest game where you conquer planets and design and build spaceships to conquer more.
    - What can I say, but I am a sucker for strategy games. This is an early one that I played a lot.
  8. Archon I
    - The original Archon for the C64 was a cross between chess strategy and arcade battles.
    - I like the arcade battles more than the chess strategy. The different pieces and their combat abilities always made the game interesting, but the light unicorn was by far the best piece.
  9. Duke Nukem
    - One of the original first person shooter games where a character uses various weapons to battle armies of enemies.
    - Although I am not an avid player of these types of games, you have to appreciate the realism, and the sheer joy of destroying things with guns, chainsaws, and heavy artillery.
  10. Wasteland
    - It's 2087, World War III has come and gone leaving the world a veritable Wasteland. As a Desert Ranger, you've vowed to help rebuild humanity... but first you have to survive. Surprising subplots twist and turn toward a final conflict with mankind's greatest threat in this futuristic multi-character RPG.
    - The appeal of a RPG set in a post-apocalypse is very strong.

Honorable Mentions

Impossible Mission, Aztec Challenge, BC Quest for Tires, Beachhead, Questron, Roadwar 2000, Frantic Freddie, Frogger, Simcity

Completed Games

The following is a list of games that I have completed. It is always nice to look back and appreciate the variety of games that have been developed and enjoyed.

PC Games

Game Title Rating Notes/Description (Completed)
Caesar III 85% Completed all city scenarios. (2000)
Players of Caesar III are immersed in a city simulation set in the age of the ancient Roman Empire. As the city grows, it encounters various problems which must be overcome and specific objectives to achieve. Additional info site.
Civilization II 90% High score: 11876 Civilization Rating: 1543% (1998)
More challenging and exciting than the original, Sid Meier's Civilization II is the sequel to the mega-hit classic Civilization. Build an empire to span history and make every critical social, economic and political decision. Full-motion video brings to life 28 Wonders of the World.
Diablo 85% Completed only with warrior. (1998)
Diablo invites you to enter a world of dark gothic fantasy. Play as a brave warrior, cunning rogue or mysterious sorceror. As you venture deeper into the labyrinth, you'll discover weapons, armor, and magical treasures, and develop your character's skills and abilities.
Duke Nukem 3D 84% One of the earliest and best first person shooters.
Heroes of Might
and Magic II
92% Completed succession quests for both good and evil and all single game scenarios/maps. (1998)
After 25 years of peace, the land is again thrust into turmoil. The ensuing struggle for power between his sons, Archibald and Roland, has led to a state of civil war. Players must choose sides and gather their armies as they use all of their strategic wit and tactics to join in the battle for domination of the lands.
Heroes of Might
and Magic III Complete
93% Completed all 3 quests (Restoration of Erathia, Armageddon's Blade, Shadow of Death) on Impossible level. (2001 campaigns, 2003 maps)
Highest campaign scores: Rise of the Necromancer (2220), Unholy Alliance (2125), Elixir of Life (2035)
Completed all single game scenarios/maps on hard or impossible level. Higehst scores: Good to Go (446), Elbow Room (Allies) (446), All of One (440)
Heroes III Complete contains 3 campaigns and many individual scenarios with new creatures and heroes not in Heroes II.
Dedicated Game Site
Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King 85% My first hack-and-slash game completed. (2004)
A good game of killing orcs, trolls, and other fantasy things.
Lords of Magic 70% Defeated Balkoth at Hard level. Best time: 24 days with Fire Warrior. Completed with all eight faiths and hero types. (1999)
Lords of Magic is a strategy/action game made by Impressions and Sierra. An evil sorceror, Balkoth, plans to conquer the whole of Urak with the minions of Death as his followers. You, as one of the other seven faiths, must find a way to stop him. Lords of Magic is based on turn-based exploration and real time combat.
Majesty 75% All quests completed including: Quest for the Crown (5 days), Hold off the Goblin Hordes (7), The Dark Forest (17), Slay the Mighty Dragon (19), The Day of Reckoning (21), The Fertile Plain (24), A Deal with the Demon (32). (2000)
Majesty offers you the throne of a fledgling kingdom in a fantastic world. As ruler, you make all the decisions that steer your kingdom - one of many in the land of Ardania. Produced by CyberLore and Microprose.
Master of Orion II 87% As the ruler, you must defend your empire from many other races. You will need to lead your people into other star systems quickly, securing the space and resources that will guarantee your supremacy. But that's not all: banished from Orion, the Antaran race lurks in the darkness seeking revenge.
Might and Magic IV and V (World of Xeen) 82% Completed MM4 (Clouds of Xeen) and MM5 (Darkside of Xeen) and Bonus Worlds of Xeen (2004)
After a long absence from the Might and Magic Series, I bought the Millenium Edition and enjoyed playing these classic RPGs. It is a shame that 3DO went out of business. WalkThrough
Might and Magic VI (The Mandate of Heaven) 86% Completed MM6 (2005)
My high score file is here.
This was a big improvement over MM4 and 5. The graphics and game play were much better.WalkThrough Another Walkthrough
Might and Magic VII (For Blood and Honor) 87% Completed MM7 (2007)
(good high score file, bad high score file)
This was an enjoyable game better than MM6. It was different that you could chose between being good or evil.
Zeus 75% (2003) A city building game like Caesar III in Greek times. An okay game, but it was very slow moving. I spent just as much time working away from the computer waiting as I did actually playing the game. Completed all adventures on Olympian Level.

Commodore 64 Games

The Commodore 64 will always have a special place in my heart as my first computer. By today's standards, the games had limited graphics and sound capabilities, but at the time, they were very challenging and exciting. The game writers did an excellent job with limited hardware, and they created very fun and playable games.
Game Title Rating Notes/Description
Archon 86% Completed with both light and dark. The light side unicorn was by far my favorite piece as I could almost defeat the entire dark side with the 2 unicorns.
Archon is a combination of chess and arcade battle sequences. If your chess strategy is not great, you can save yourself in the arcade battles. The variety of pieces and their abilities make this a challenging and interesting game even if you do not like chess.
Aztec Challenge 73% The title screen and music may not be much, but playing is fun. Run towards the temple, watch those spears, and try not to be enticed by the music playing along. Look out for those pesky rolling rocks as you climb the temple stairs. Jump and dodge inside the temple, and avoid booby trapped tiles on the way out. If you die on a level, you have to restart it.
BC Quest for Tires 70% Quest For Tires...enter the wacky lovable world B.C....Thor. He zips through the world of BC on his prehistoric unicycle...His rescue the "Cute Chick" from the hungry dinosaur.
Beachhead 79% A challenging arcade game with different levels. The first level you move your ships through an obstacle channel. The next levels require you to shoot down planes, attach ships, and maneuver tanks.
Bard's Tale I 91% I never completed this game on the original C64. Thanks to PC emulators and some helpful Internet sites, I was able to start again and finish what I had started. My party consisted of: Alk the Assassi (HU), Maja (MO), Bacido (BA), Waldo (MA), Warlock (CO), and Presto (CO). The major difficulty in the game is manually mapping the dungeons. To make it easier, I suggest downloading the maps from The Bard's Tales Archives.
The Bard's Tale is a fantasy role-playing game. First in a series of Tales of the Unknown, this one is set in the city of Skara Brae which is threatened by an evil mage called Mangar. You must find Mangar and "persuade" him to release the once-harmonious city from his evil control. To help your mission, on-line manuals and maps for all 3 of the Bard's Tale series can be found at: The Bard's Tale Archives, The Bard's, and The Adventures Guild among others.
Bard's Tale II 78% Completed with same characters transferred from Bard's Tale I.
The second installment of the Bard's Tale Trilogy (1986) challenges the player to find the pieces of the Destiny Wand and destroy the evil archmage Lagoth Zanta. Destiny Knight is in the same style as the first Bard's Tale, with parties of up to seven characters. All ten character classes from The Bard's Tale are available, and the Archmage class has been added.
Bard's Tale III 84% Completed with same characters transferred from Bard's Tale I and added Destiny (thief).
The third installment of the Bard's Tale Trilogy requires you to kill Tarjan. Involves 7 quests in different dimensions. Interesting and challenging. The automap feature made the play go quicker. Since the subtitle is "Thief of Fate", you should have a thief in your party!
Ghostbusters 71% You foray into the world of professional paranormal investigations. Based loosely on the film, the purpose of the game is to zip around town catching ghosts boosting your funds and keeping the city's PsychoKinetic Energy (PKE) reading at a respectable level. When the PKE level hits 9999 Zuul's servants, the Gatekeeper and Keymaster, are drawn to Spook Central and one way or another it's game over.
Impossible Mission 87% Completed several times. Note that there are several different passwords and sets of puzzle pieces.
Impossible Mission is a platform game where you collect and reassemble puzzle pieces guarded by various robots in challenging rooms to defeat a mad scientist. Excellent gameplay and realistic voices.
Jumpman 91% Completed Beginner, Intermediate loops. Best Score: 39100 (Randomizer)
The C64 classic platform game. Collecting the orange flowers while dodging bullets, bats, and numerous other obstacles in the 30 levels is extremely challenging. Probably the best arcade platform game ever written for the C64. A walkthrough is available.
Might and Magic I 82% The original game that started it all. It was much easier to play on an emulated C64 than the real thing. Shows its age now, but still fun. Completed in 2007.
Might and Magic II 76% Embark on a glorious journey then save the world of CRON. Hundreds of quests will test your ingenuity, over 250 animated monsters will contest your might in an advanced combat system, 96 spells, more than 250 weapons and items, two new character classes, hirelings, and 15 secondary skills will aid your cause.
Questron 82% You start out as a lowly serf seeking fame and fortune by destroying the evil Mantor. A nice little fantasy quest game.
Questron II 74% Sequel to Questron.
Phantasie I 80% Phantasie is a fantasy game from SSI which combines the elements of Ultima and Wizardry. The object of the game is to defeat the Black Lord and end the reign of terror of the Black Knights on Gelnor. In order to destroy, the black Knight, you must obtain 9 rings and 4 runes from the dungeons and towns of Gelnor. PC Version
Phantasie II 80% Descent into the Netherworld - Locate and destroy the Dark Lord's evil orb in this new adventure that is the exciting sequel to SSI's best-selling fantasy game.
Phantasie III 82% More than a sequel to Phantasie I and II, this is the final confrontation between your band of 6 heroes and the Dark Lord Nikademus.
Roadwar 2000 75% Although the tactical combat is interesting, it is also very long and tedious. I generally avoided it, but it is the only way to capture cars and increase your maximum number of vehicles. Definitely attempt to drive buses or tractor trailers for their size and durability. Certain cities give you a Doctor, Politician, Drill Sargeant or vehicle powerups.
In the year 2000, bacteriological warfare has ripped apart the very fabric of American civilization. Cities have turned into gangland prizes; the highways, into battlefields. You are the patriotic leader of a road gang who has been asked by what is left of the Federal Government to locate eight scientists. Return them to a secret underground lab so they can develop a vaccine to neutralize the deadly microbes. As you criss-cross the highways on your desperate mission, you must constantly battle mutants, cannibals, and rival road gangs. You can let the computer resolve combat quickly, or choose to personally direct the fighting in great tactical detail.
Roadwar Europa 65% The best strategy is to put together a couple of strong vehicles then explore Europe and scout cities for bombs. To complete the game, find a contact agent, a password, the anti-terrorist HQ (Geneva), and the terrorist HQs. There is a large vehicle fight at the end, but several large vehicles will win out.
Roadwar Europa is the sequel to Roadwar 2000. It has the same fight system. This time you must defeat terrorist organizations in Europe who are destroying cities with nuclear bombs.
Simcity 89% I know you really cannot complete Simcity, but I wanted to put it in here it because it is such a good game.
Simcity is the simulation program that started it all. Build your city by zoning commercial, residential, industrial, and service areas. Handle police and fire departments and hospitals and the occasional natural disaster.
Wasteland 83% It's 2087, World War III has come and gone leaving the world a veritable Wasteland. As a Desert Ranger, you've vowed to help rebuild humanity... but first you have to survive. Surprising subplots twist and turn toward a final conflict with mankind's greatest threat in this futuristic multi-character RPG.

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