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Welcome to my Analytical Chemistry teaching resource site.   Within this site you will find a series of resources for courses I delivered at UBC Okanagan and Okanagan University College. The courses presented are listed in the site key table on the left of this paragraph. 

I taught analytical courses at UBC Okanagan (formally OUC) since 2001.  Before that, I taught at the University College of the Cariboo (now Thompson Rivers University).  My research interest and expertise is in the area of analytical mass spectroscopy, specifically novel ionization processes and dynamics.

In July 2013, I left my teaching position at UBC Okanagan to pursue business opportunities through my company Supra Research and Development and others.  I have been appointed an Adjunct Professor at UBC Okanagan and will continue to supervise students in this capacity.

I did my Ph.D. research under the direction if K.W.M. Siu and Roger Guevremont at the Chemical Metrology Group of NRC's Institute for National Measurement Science.  My degree is from Carleton University, where I was co-supervised by Bryan Hollebone.

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