Dr. Rudolf Seethaler

Associate Professor
Office: EME 4205
Tel: 250-807-8801


Graduate Students

Hessamodin Teimouri

Hessamodin is a PhD student co-supervised by Dr. Milani who is investigating the effect of uncertainties in Structural Health Monitoring of aircrafts.


Mohammad Nouroz Islam

Mohammad is a PhD student who is working on improving the reliability and accuracy of piezoelectric fuel injectors.


Mostafizur Rahaman

Mostafizur is a MASc student who is deveoping novel trajectory planning strategies for high speed machine tools.



Undergraduate Students

Brad Reinholz

Brad Reinholz is an engineering undergraduate student develpoing highy efficient electromagnetic engine valves.



Guiping Zou, PhD Student

Masoud Mashkournia MASc Student

Hossein Rokni, MASc Student

Junfeng Zhao, MASc Student

Mike Maxwell, Research Assistant

Stacey Shantz, Undergraduate

Phillip Jackle, Undergraduate

Jamil Chaudry, Undergraduate

Konrad Duerr, Undergraduate

Jackie Nichols, Undergraduate

Rachel L'Orsa, Undergraduate

Bram Hobuti, Undergraduate

Last Update December 26, 2011