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Current Research Supports

NSERC (Collaborative Research & Development): Rubber pavement block: a sustainable product for construction industry, $97,500, 2014-2017, PI: Shahria Alam
MITACS (Accelerate): Improved prediction models for concrete confined with various composites: experimental and numerical investigation, $90,000, 2014-2017, PI: Shahria Alam
NSERC (ENGAGE): 	Experimental investigations and performance based design of rack columns and beam-column connections, $25,000, 2014, PI: Shahria Alam	
NSERC (Interaction): Post-tensioned steel frames for seismic regions, $3,990, PI: Shahria Alam
NSERC (Collaborative Research & Development): Seismic Performance Evaluation and Retrofitting of Existing Highway Bridges in British Columbia, $260,000, 2012-2016, PI: Shahria Alam
NSERC (Collaborative Research & Development): Green concrete for sustainable construction, $97,500, 2011-2014, PI: Shahria Alam	
Canadian Foundation for Innovation (Leaders Opportunity Fund): Smart materials and structures lab for innovative civil infrastructure, $992,199, 2011-2014, PI: Shahria Alam, Co-PI: S. Tesfamariam
NSERC (Discovery Grant, including supplement): 	Damage mitigation using shape memory alloy based smart structures against extreme loading, $125,000, 2010-2014, PI: Shahria Alam

Past Research Supports

NSERC (ENGAGE): 	Seismic retrofitting of deficient bridge piers using sprayed fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composites $25,000, 2013, PI: Shahria Alam	
NSERC (Interaction): Structural health monitoring of bridges using advanced techniques, $2,956, 2013, PI: Shahria Alam
NSERC, F. App. Sc, UBC,	Purchase and Installation of a Chiller Unit for MTS machine, $18,000, 2013, PI: Shahria Alam, Co-PI: L. Bichler, A. Rteil, S. Tesfamariam
NSERC (Research Tools and Instruments): 	Freeze-thaw testing machine for sustainable construction materials, $135,678, 2012, PI: Shahria Alam, Co-PI: A. Milani, S. Siddiqua
NSERC (Research Tools and Instruments): 	Micro- and nano-scale particle size analyzers with wet and dry dispersion modules, $148,000, PI: C. Eskicioglu, Co-PI: Shahria Alam, L. Bichler, K. Chau
NSERC (Engage): Performance of isolation bearings comprised of carbon-fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) composite plates and natural rubber, $25,000, PI: Shahria Alam
NSERC (Engage): 	Performance-based design guideline for strengthening I-joists with web holes and flange notches, $25,000, 2012, PI: Shahria Alam
NSERC (Interaction): Displacement-based design for seismic retrofitting of RC bridge bents, $2,745, 2012, PI: Shahria Alam
NSERC (Interaction): Design of laminated rubber bearing using FRP plates, $4,978, 2012, PI: Shahria Alam
NSERC (ENGAGE): New Generation Polymer Concrete for Pavement Construction, $25,000, 2011, PI: Shahria Alam
NSERC (ENGAGE): Lateral Capacity of Protected and Unprotected Steel Columns under Fire Hazards, $25,000, 2011, PI: Shahria Alam
NSERC (Research Tools and Instruments): 	An advanced test system for sustainable infrastructure materials, $150,000, 2010, PI: Shahria Alam, Co-PI: A. Rteil, S. Tesfamariam, A. Milani, L. Bichler
NSERC (ENGAGE): 	Performance based design guidelines for storage rack clad building under lateral loads, $25,000, 2010, PI: Shahria Alam
NSERC (ENGAGE): Damage mitigation of bridge infrastructure against multiple hazards, $25,000, 2010, PI: Shahria Alam, Co-PI: S. Tesfamariam
NSERC (ENGAGE): Green concrete: A sustainable solution to concrete infrastructure, $25,000, 2010, PI: Shahria Alam
NSERC (ENGAGE): Risk-based seismic retrofit selection for buildings, $25,000, 2010, PI: S. Tesfamariam, Co-PI : Shahria Alam 

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