"Dr. Tesfamariam is always challenging students to perform at higher levels. So they do."
Graham Hurlburt, undergrad


Undergraduate Courses

  • ENGR 327: Reinforced Concrete Design

Concrete and reinforcing materials. Safety, loads, and design philosophy. Non-linear analysis of reinforced concrete members subjected to flexure, shear, and combined bending and axial forces. Design of one-way slabs, beams, and short columns. Serviceability analysis. Bond and anchorage.


  • ENGR 330: Decision Analysis and Optimization for Civil Engineering

Systems engineering, optimization, applied probability, and simulation for civil engineering infrastructure and the environment. Alternative goals, constraints, resource allocation, and multi-objective design.


  • ENGR 331/431/531: Infrastructure Management

Introduction to asset management, municipal infrastructure systems, performance and prioritization measures, data management, life cycle costing, decision support tools, integrated approach.


Graduate Courses

  • ENGR 528: Earthquake Engineering

Strong ground motion; single-degree-of-freedom systems; earthquake response of linear and inelastic systems; multi-degree-of-freedom systems; earthquake response and design; building design consideration.




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