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New Publications!

Click here to visit to the Porter Lab publication page for several new papers!

Coverage on Quirks and Quarks

Dr. Porter was recently interviewed on CBC’s Quirks and Quarks about the lab’s recent research on false memories. Click here to check it out!

Recent Paper in Trends in Cognitive Sciences Paper

Click here for a recent paper on false memories in Trends in Cognitive Sciences.

New Publication!

We recently had a manuscript accepted for publication in Archives of Forensic Psychology entitled “Risky business: Incorporating informed deception detection strategies in violence risk assessments.” Click here for the PDF!

Recipient of CPA Distinguished Contributions Award & UBC Teaching Award

Dr. Porter is the 2015 recipient of the Canadian Psychological Association’s Award for Distinguished Contributions to Education and Training in Psychology. Further, he was recently named the senior faculty winner of the Teaching Excellence and Innovation Award at UBC.

Porter Lab Student Announced as Graduate Student Researcher of the Year & Killam Doctoral Scholar

Congratulations to Alysha Baker (PhD student in the Porter Lab) who recently received the UBC Graduate Student Researcher of the Year Award and was named a Killam Doctoral Scholar!

New Publication in Psychology, Crime, and Law

We recently had a study accepted for publication in Psychology, Crime, and Law entitled “Automated insights: Verbal cues to deception in real-life high-stakes lies.” Click here for the paper.

Upcoming UBC Dialogues Talk

Drs. Porter and Woodworth will be speaking at the UBC Alumni Dialogues talk in Kelowna on March 12. Click here for more information.

New Publication in Personality and Individual Differences

We recently had a study accepted for publication in Personality and Individual Differences entitled “Psychopathic personality traits predict competitive wins and cooperative losses in negotiation.” Click here for the PDF.

New Publication in Psychological Science

We recently had a study accepted for publication in Psychological Science! Click here for the paper!

Click here for a summary of the paper released by the Association for Psychological Science.

Recent Consulting Activities

Click here to check out a new section of the website highlighting some recent consultation work.

SSHRC Insight Grant Awarded to Dr. Stephen Porter

Dr. Porter was recently awarded a SSHRC Insight Grant that will support his lab from 2014-2019 and will examine the dual roles of emotional experience and appraisal in the legal system. Thanks to SSHRC for the support!

New Publication

We recently had a study accepted for publication in Legal and Criminological Psychology, entitled “Video killed the radio star? The influence of presentation modality on detecting high-stakes, emotional lies”.

Click here for the paper!

Porter Lab Student Announced as Undergraduate Student Researcher of the Year

Congratulations to Megan Udala (Honours student in the Porter Lab) who recently received the UBC Okanagan Undergraduate Student Researcher of the Year Award!

New Publication: Prime Time News

We recently had a study accepted for publication in Cognition and Emotion, entitled “Prime time news: The influence of primed positive and negative emotion on susceptibility to false memories.” Click here for the paper!

New Publications - The Dark Triad

We recently just had two studies on the Dark Triad accepted for publication in Personality and Individual Differences! One study examined the relation between the Dark Triad and the experience of schadenfreude and the other focused on the Dark Triad personalities and assessments of vulnerability.

Click here to see be redirected to our publication page to see the articles!

Interested in Graduate Studies?

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Recent Expert Witness

R. v. Wayne Eisnor (September 2013): In this Nova Scotia Supreme Court first-degree murder case, the accused shot and killed his wife and then shot himself in the head in 2010. He regained consciousness after about two weeks, and since that time has maintained that he was unable to recall the shooting or anything in the months preceding it (including a motive).  I conducted an assessment on this individual and provided expert evidence to the jury on whether he was being honest about his reported amnesia. I was qualified to give expert evidence in the areas of “forensic psychology”, “memory in legal settings”, “amnesia for crime”, and “malingering”.

New Publication - Face of an Angel

Another one of our studies regarding dangerous decisions theory has been accepted to the Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition.  This study demonstrates that faces are recalled as having less trustworthy features following a disclosure of immoral/criminal behaviour.

Read the full article here!

New Publication - Dangerous Decisions

One of our studies about dangerous decisions theory has been published in Psychiatry, Psychology, and Law.  This article discusses how faces varying in trustworthiness activate particular biases, and a tunnel vision approach to decision-making may lead to wrongful convictions in a legal setting.

Read the full article here!

Spotting Lies

The Toronto Sun recently consulted Dr. Porter for an article they featured on spotting lies.  Read the full article here, where Dr. Porter discusses how deception can offer significant evolutionary advantages.

2013 Researcher of the Year!

On March 8th, Dr. Porter has been awarded the UBC Okanagan Award for Excellence in Research.  This award recognizes a faculty member who has made a significant contribution to research during their time at the University.

The Truth About Lying

After repeatedly denying accusations that he used performance-enhancing drugs, Lance Armstrong recently admitted to using them throughout his cycling career.  Dr. Porter recently examined televised interviews Armstrong gave in which he denied cheating, and found manifestations of fear and anger that were inappropriate given the context.  The story has been featured on a number of news sites, listed below.

Huffington Post

Montreal Gazette

Vancouver Sun

The Province

The Ottawa Citizen

The Windsor Star


New Textbook Published!

The Second Canadian Edition of Forensic Psychology by Porter & Wrightsman is now available!  You can purchase it through Nelson here.

New Publication - Catching Liars

We recently published an article in the Journal of Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology which demonstrates that the ability to detect extremely high-stakes emotional lies can be improved using empirically validated deception detection techniques. 

The full article can be read here.

New Publication - Cry Me a River

We are pleased to share our newest publication with you, which was recently published in Law and Human Behaviour.  It is a study examining how speech, body language, and emotional facial expressions are related to high-stakes, real life deception.

Click here for the article.

Recovered Memory Evidence in the Courtroom

The concept of repressed and recovered memory remains a controversial phenomenon that has important implications in the legal system.  Dr. Porter recently co-authored a chapter discussing the facts and fallacies surrounding this topic and its application to the legal system. 

This chapter, which was published in Coping with Psychiatric and Psychological Testimony by Faust and Ziskin, can be read here.

Q & A with Dr. Porter

Dr. Porter gave an interview to the team of a website focused on body language.  You can read the full interview here!

UBC’s Next Big Thing

Dr. Porter sat down to discuss his research on UBCO.TV’s series named “UBC’s Next Big Thing.”  Click here to watch the interview!


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