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The following set of videos walks students through parsing a research question highlighted in the media using PIO to identify the research population, intervention, and outcome. This PIO is then used to create a search strategy. Once the search strategy is complete, this strategy is implemented in Medline (Web of Science) and Web of Science Core Collection.

Instructors may wish to encourage students to first install and set up Zotero for managing their references. They may also encourage students to review UBC Library’s APA Citation Style Guide.



Download Introduction

Description Overview of the series of videos

Duration 00:01:35

Format mov

Transcripts text pdf


Download PIO

Description Overview of the popular tool for parsing a research question

Duration 00:01:49

Format mov

Transcripts text pdf

Evidence Pyramid

Download Evidence Pyramid

Description Discussion of the relevance of study type and implementation to PIO

Duration 00:01:39

Format mov

Transcripts text pdf


Download Examples

Description Walk through of 2 examples using previously assigned headlines and research articles, using PIO

Duration 00:04:58

Format mov

Transcripts text pdf

Search Strategy

Download Search Strategy

Description Using the PIO from the Examples video to build a search query

Duration 00:07:34

Format mov

Trasncripts text pdf

Web of Science Tutorial

Download Web of Science Tutorial

Description Using the search query from the Search Strategy video to explore the Web of Science interface using both Medline and Core Collection

Duration 00:10:03

Format mp4

Transcripts text pdf

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