Group libraries are great for sharing content or collaboratively working on a project.

Creating a shared library

Setting up a group library will require some coordination, as only one person needs to initiate the process before inviting others.

Groups can only be created and managed through Zotero Cloud, so let’s start by logging in:

Then go to the ‘Groups’ link

And create a new group

Let’s call it HMKN Group Project, and set it to private, so only people you invite have access, and click ‘Create Group’.

Inviting group members

Now we’ll head to the Member Settings and send some invitations to our class mates.

Plug in their email addresses and off you go

Group libraries in Zotero Desktop

Now, let’s have a look at this in Zotero Desktop.

Go back into Zotero, hit your sync button, and you’ll see your shared library. Drag and drop your citation from HMKN Research to HMKN Group Project, and it now lives in both locations, and your invited collaborators will also have access to it once they accept your invitation.

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