Article Access

Accessing electronic articles

Install LeanLibrary to avoid being asked to pay for an article.


UBC Library During Covid

Latest updates on spaces and collections.

Support with learning technology

Access UBC software and get help with Canvas.

Remote computer access

Access library lab computers and software off campus.

Writing and Study Support

Student Learning Hub

Improve your writing with support from the Student Learning Hub. We support all stages of the writing process, from planning and drafting to revising.

Peer writing consultants focus on you, the writer, not your paper, and thus don’t “edit” or “proofread”. Instead, they listen, read, ask questions, and share strategies for doing it yourself, allowing you to explore your innate writing talents and discover a path to academic success that is uniquely yours.

Undergraduate students from every discipline, working on any type of written course assignment (or presentation), are welcome.

Contact Mathew Vis-Dunbar

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